Sunday, March 1, 2020



I Am 'Me'

Yes, I am Me,
Not some other selfish soul
Neither pretending to be good
Nor even bound to be cajoled
I might not be easy
Still, won't ever be sleazy
I shall not accept absurdity
For, I am Me.

Yes, I am Me
More stronger than ever
More truthful forever
Taking my own decisions
With a positive endeavor
I will be the one I want to be
No matter what situation be
For, I am Me.

Yes, I am Me
Accept me or tolerate me
But won't ever disgrace me
I might not be flawless
But would never become lawless
I will be the best version
And continue to expand my vigour
For, I am Me.

Yes, I am Me
I live life with no filter
I shall keep walking
On the path of karma
Adding more meaning
Filling more colors
Creating more charisma
For, I am Me.

You Got To Be Real!

You got to be real
Like the flowers blossom
with the first rays of sunshine,
Like the sun rises
with the ever-charming allure,
Like the rainbow
creates the magic with it's colours.

You got to be real
as if there is no tomorrow
as if the day would never end
as if the night is ready to embrace you
as if the sky is full of birds chirping
as if the clouds want to scream with thunder
as if the past wants to come again.

You got to be real
for you are the one who exists
for the life is mere a cluster of emotions
for the people doesn't matter for they are the culprits
for the tears carry the burden of your soul
for the soul is the creator of your inner self
for you are the real you.
You got to be real!

The Phenomenal One

Yes, I am a woman
strong and fearless
not soft and tender.

I don't lie, for I am a woman
brave and bold
not afraid and cold.

I don't cry, for I am a woman
a phenomenal one
not an insignificant pun.

I don't annoy, for I am a woman
more subtle and quiet
not garrulous and clamorous.

I am not a tattler, for I am a woman
a little more wise
a little less belies.

I am not a fashionist, for I am a woman
more erudite and thinker
not stolid and sinker.
I don't step back, for I am a woman
always ahead and decisive
and least bit derisive.

Yes, I am a woman
prouder than ever
more glorious forever.


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