Sunday, March 1, 2020




You are the morning 🌟 star on the snowy mountains
He informed me. And I imagined myself on Everest!
People gain on others and try for the better
When actually they have got the best!
Who can be better, charm and intelligence go hand in hand
On the road filled with so much thorns and scorns
They forget the principles. Although it is the test time!
Light is most needed in the dark, isn’t it!

Music flows and the room expands like our dreams
It’s thought provoking, and the memories of those brown eyes
With widely spread long lashes and thick bags underneath
Translucent as well as sparkling, and the depth that one would find himself
wondering the infinite dessert wastes and unlimited oceans,
forgetting completely about the present!
Suddenly flowers start blossoming as if it’s spring.
Sweetness could be almost touched and tasted upon the very being.

But who could believe that this would end like a dream and when it happens,
Pale Autumn leaves start flying against the eyes.
Tears don’t allow them to be seen
And mind denies to believe the obvious truth!

What do they actually gain by this behavior, I’m unable to determine.
Who can live happily ever after upon the very grave of a very beloved
Who was murdered in cold blood by the very hands of their!
So why do they think it’s happiness!
I think they have never tasted the happiness and beauty,
they just lie to themselves
They never wondered the desserts and oceans
just by looking in the beloved s eyes!
Temporary pleasures! Hush!

Interstellar Peace!

A good day becomes bad
By a stretch of an eyebrow
or a harsh word

In the dark of moon
sensitive souls cry
with the bad behaviour of loved one.

So how come the world
tolerate weapons
of mass destruction

Start by the superpowers
total elimination of
nuclear weapons

including their space war systems
and programs

Intruding blindly
in the layers of probabilities
like bulls in Chinatown!

Transmitting signals
through the Interworld
we may get caught into Eternity's wheels!

So, stop these keys to violence
for peace in the future
in all the alternate realities!


Dark words
Like seasons of the witches
Dancing vigorously, love charms!

Words paint
Burst of butterflies
Rainbow sunlight flowers!

Words draw
Words come out from the paper
Fingers hanging out
Grabbing you in its claws!

Words kill
Loud speaking volumes
Low whispering poisons!

Words shout
Soldering the walls
Of pumping lungs!

Words feel
Kissing the fresh skins
Sensually licking the fluids!

Words taste
Like hot salty chips
Scraping the oesophagus!

Clouding the minds
Directing it to obey
Them on unknown roads!

Like thunder bolts
Moulding the hearts
Stopping it or skipping the beats!

Words eat
Vampires red lipped stylish
Bloody smouldering cries!

Words mask
Unworthy idiot clowns


NAME NAILA HINA: A former Navy engineering University Instructor and a manager in top notch firms, Naila Hina is a friend of the world and the director general of world press agency Pakistan chapter, APCESX business group, USA. NailaNaila Hina is humanitarian and graceful. She holds basic degree in mechanical engineering with MBA and CMA Multitalented she has written these poems since childhood. Her book name is Bahisht e Char Saat. Many articles and poetry, science fiction videos and fantasy.

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