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Glamours Of "Devi Pujo"


Just around the corner of winter,

There stands a girl carrying

The pieces of autumn,

Playing the mellifluous tunes of Devi maa.

There lies an entire world of tiny happiness,

An entire universe of redolent nyctanthes,

A cramming bowl of solace in the air

And a mind with all the captivating sights.

The girl, in her innocuous state of mind

Wanders through the verdant meadows

Draping white saree tinted with red brocade,

Tampering all the negativities in a go,

Staining the skies with positive colours,

Scattering pearls everywhere

And putting extra compassion in her pious prayers.

Devi maa- called as 'Durga Maa' appears

With the sanctity of untouched aura,

Saving us from the calamities in the spheres

Of natural, physical and mental oddness

And her third eye knows the blessings she

Bestows upon us is no less than

The pathways towards heaven.

The white gorgeous catkins swings flawlessly

in the air

When Maa waves her fingertips effortlessly.

The maddening sound of 'Dhaak',

The evergreen smell of 'Dhuno',

The huge footfalls on 'Pandals',

The pounding heartbeats of every bengali

And the vibrant colours of new dresses

Bring the ever-charming persona of 'Devi Pujo'.

The charismatic mood would never be found,

The authentic feelings would never match with any other

And the proactive enthusiasm would never be

spotted anywhere but in West Bengal.

Just when Devi maa moistens our eyes

In the eve of Dashami,

The girl gets dusted away with the smile

As pure as water of ganges

And keeps the treasure of promises to come again

For all the spells over our fragile mind to recover.

Everything that deciphers the purest beauty of nature,

'Devi Pujo' is one such thing which nurtures every soul richer.

~ ©storytellersuchismita



Caramelized Childhood


Tangible touches of my childhood shenanigans

Calling me for the most cherishable moments

Spent in the caramelized pathways with love.

Carving my ways with the tender tips of finger,

I could see my tiny legs crawling more

In a pretence to cling on the shoulder

of my father,

Then looking into the eyes of my mother

With the palpable desires to be pampered and kissed gently.

Golden embers of vibrant sky,

Bemused laughter of redolent days,

Desires tasting like tamarind

And hefty joys etching my soul with scrumptious memories;

Every little corner of my mind got refilled with

The peaceful vibes of past remnants.

I wish I could never miss the last bite of my favourite icecreams

Or those mischievous night adventures as

Tiptoeing through the hall of my home

To get the bucket of chocolates right in my hand.

Tossing and tackling the emotions I had in my mind

To revise them smoothly and adorably for a precious halt.

There were no dismal repercussions even

Against the most innocent mistakes.

Childhood- a term never to be compromised

And always provided the funs to be surprised

With the cozy hugs and notorious fights of siblings,

And parallel love of relatives through their cajoling words.

The whooshing wind invokes for those

Invigorated delights and my soul desires

For the removal of jeopardizing today.

The tiny entity falling heavier on the globe,

People affecting in the unseen disease

Which cantankerously pushing the wall of my earlobe.

Little did I know the heinous entity of future,

As my past was wrapped with the gold brighter.

All I long for the days tasted like the warm honey

As there was no lust for the falling money.

Childhood memories can bring back the untouched

evergreen adorations,

My mind then could never pay heed to any botherations.

Complications are now a part of the daily scenario

Which I wish could be replaced with the juvenescence merrymakings.

One day when all the odds will be vanquished

My childhood will again greet me with the best ever kiss.

~ ©storytellersuchismita



Finding Golden Words Of My Life


Frabjous nights beckon me

To own the breathtaking adventures.

Once in love, now in bewildered expedition,

An expedition offering me to explore my life

From being a scratch to being a star.

A bundle of joys is knocking my door

After my valiant decision to come out

Of a severely toxic love that gave me wounds.

Stars are glistening with the beguiling beauty

& I am finding my exhilaration in my journey.

Opportunities do come again & again

When I seem to be walking in the right track.

The fidelity in my heart sets the fire high,

I am born to expand more & overcome

The floundering odds & the unflinching struggles.

Positivity seems like a rare gem, shielded

In a stiff treasure of tomorrow

But my hard work will bring it as the crown

Of my head to decorate me with the unseen charm.

Cherishing each & every moment has turned

Into the routine to rekindle my fragile life

Where I strive to rejuvenate each second

With the astonishing golden words & their vibes.

~ ©storytellersuchismita




SUCHISMITA GHOSHAL from Malda, West Bengal is an internationally acclaimed poet, professional writer, scribbler, published author, professional book critic, storyteller, columnist, former copy-editor at Notion  Press Publishing, content writer, creative writing professional, nature lover and a change agent & former Worldwide Ambassadors' Coordinator for Global Youth Leaders Network. She is now a registered member of Global Youth Network. She cherishes her partnership with various publication houses of India & abroad. She enjoying working as a manager at Pen Brew Publishers. Suchismita also aims to heal people with the majesty of her words. She is an environmental activist too who brought reality to her dream as her debut book named "Fields of Sonnet ''. Her recent releases are " Poetries in Quarantine" and "Emotions & Tantrums".  She can be contacted through her,


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