Thursday, April 1, 2021





O, Solitude


O, solitude you give me time


To behold Nature’s beauty;


Spring awakening,


The smell of April floral perfumes,


The heat of the sun in July,


The greenness of the meadows the flowers


And the blue mountains


Of the Dreisam Valley.



The beauty of the rhymes


Made to the damsels,


Wearing red pom-pom hats,


In the lovely Schwarzwald.


Or to Italian beauties


In Verona or Venice.


Praises and promises,


To the lips, eyes, brows and necks



In times of solitude you eradicate your lust,


And begin to think.


Is solitude loneliness?


No, it isn’t unless you’re isolated,


Or doing solitary confinement,


Or suffering from sensory deprivation.



Solitude in daily life,


Moments of being alone to think,


Work mentally, contemplate


Or observe Nature,


And thereby attain clarity and self-esteem.



Throughts On Solitude


I look out of the window,


A snowy landscape unfurls before me.


The birch and lilacs trees are laden with snow,


The songbirds comes in twos and threes,


To pick the tid-bits hanging on the lilac branches.


There’s a serenity that is only disturbed


By birds doing turns to grab some seeds:


Sparrows, finches, blackbirds and a robin.


How playful they seem.




This is my art of solitude in daily life;


Away from agitating thoughts and chores to do.


Do I belong to myself or the world?


A Nepali song goes thus:


‘I tried to please everyone


And became myself estranged.


No one was mine.


I belonged to everyone.’



Solitude Is Happiness


I’m happy by myself


And go for a walk to a nearby forest.


There’s snow all around and I seek


And enjoy the solitude of the whiteness.


Forest bathing in white.


It’s a wonderful feeling and so serene.


A lovely state with Nature around you


Albeit covered with a mantle of white.




Just try to understand the natural world 


By looking and listening as you trudge forwards.


Up to the Camel Hill and down to the homestead 


On Pfeiffer Hill.


Beautiful pine and fir forests,


With eerie figures on wood, 


Sculptured by Thomas Rees. 


And in the distance the onion church towers 


Of St. Peter and Stegen,


And below you Kirchgarten and the Dreisam Valley.




In your solitude you can do a bit of soul searching.


You can grow during such walks,


Or sit in the woods or near a rivulet.


It brings you inner peace, tranquility and serenity.


Embrace and take this moment with you.


Treasure it and think about it back in the busy world.


Solitude is re-charging your battery,


Renewing yourself.





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