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The art of flowering knows no




I flowered a bit late

but I flowered


         when I looked you straight in the face and now had nothing to say

         when I looked you in the eye and only saw myself

         when I no longer sensed your aroma

         even though you were 2 millimeters from me


you hurled

the bomb

that destroyed my castle,

I correct myself:

when I allowed that you hurl the bomb

knowing myself there within.


I flowered thanks to you !!!!!

          I flowered on letting anew that your verses envelop me

          good, bad, in short… it doesn’t matter/

          burst out like steeds to the wind

waking my heart

loosening my strained solar plexus

expanding my senses

   emptying me of fear

   changing my way of looking

   today I dream of a future

a future wherein there is room

for a house on the mountain

with snow, guitars, books and Silvio…



Poem Iii


Lemurs stationed on the other side

of my brain cry out for silence

they demand from the wind peace in my wheat fields

no more rains to increase

the flow of my waterfalls,

silent birds

lightning without thunder.


But the petals that gallop my belly

continue the circuit ignoring

murmurings, demands or requests

they run with the moon in sudden radiance

seeking the scent or sandalwood sign

infallible where you walked.



LEI NAD 42:21: 18



the alarm won’t ring

at 5 in the morning,

     it was silenced by the rain

          that burst out from your eyes.

No longer will there be a rendezvous

     At 6 in the evening every day,

the pencil died,

         the ink dried up,

                    the voice became silent

                 just as an electric storm without thunder

                      is silent,

   just as a sigh ceases,

just as a heart-beat ceases

after a bullet

       in a burst of machine-gun fire.


In your name I’ll sow blue roses

       your favorite color,


   I’ll put them throughout the house,

          their fragrance will always be yours,

and sat at the small table and chair you made for me

I’ll drink the customary cup of coffee,

I’ll look at the horizon searching for your eyes,

awaiting your return,

although I know that you booked

only a one-way ticket,

     I’ll see you soon… very soon…




RAMINA HERRERA ARTEAGA: (Born in Luya, Amazonas, Peru, 1979), is a Business Administrator by profession, graduated from the National University of Trujillo (UNT), the more he feels Poet by vocation. She obtained an honorable mention in the Floral Tales of the UNT 2002. Her poetry book "Memorias de No Nacido" (MEMORIES OF THE UNBORN) was published on line by the magazine "VOCES" of Spain. In 2006 she was included in the anthology " PATHS OF POETRY" (Editorial Fund of the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca). In 2007 she published the poetry book “NIGHT LONELINESS AND OTHER POEMS” (Katequil Editores), recently published in AMAZON the poetry books: “LEI NAD 42:21”, “MOON WOMAN”, " NIGHT LONELINESS AND OTHER POEMS” second edition (digital); culminating the layout of the poetry books, " CONFESSIONS TO THE DAWN", “RIDING WITH THE WIND” and "MOUNTAIN WOMAN” all books under the editorial seal of EDICIONES KUELAP Lima - Perú. She participates in “GLOBAL POET AND POETRY GROUP” and is an active member of the board of directors and editorial board. She has received many prestigious awards and recognitions for her poetic and narrative writings. The acclaimed and well-known Peruvian poet, William Guillén Padilla writes about her poetry: "We are proud of her maturity and perseverance, eloquent and fluent command of language, for the themes treated and for her manifest lucidity. Ramina Herrera Arteaga, emerges with singular writing, to be registered, by her own merit, in the book of notable Peruvian poetry"


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