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The Rock


Strangled shells

pilgrimage to the knees

of the sea, emerging 

echo from the cries of the sun… 

Letter sent to the 

mailbox of a soul

eternal hell on the rocks

that swore to banish

the stars of asea


cut by

the lumberjacks

of the time

aged legs

of the rock were and he

wore dreams of 


barefoot in

thorny impulses

and primitive instincts.

You dive in shallow

water, you drown

in the apologies of today.

In the empty infirmary you fool

around with abstract boards

style, while the rock 

cries in the pandemic of bad


flu viruses. The thought traveled

of the day, it is not

the rock, the invalid

is the madness of the mountains…

'If the rock is torn

through its bowels,

the lost pride 

of the landscapes will be transformed

into places of purification

of the points of dangerous



It's Still Raining


' It’s still raining

and you dream that the

pain of a tap is dripping

and yet you grow old

at dawn ... It' s

still raining

and your silence 


the roof 

of your autumn.


drop drop

tear counting .. it 

rains incessantly

and the sun


in the river of speech 


anxieties of


The heavens are constantly sending

his rain

and the clouds are winking

at his decision

When the hazy 

tears stop 

Lake the lie 

the drops of the eyes in


You slide to!


Moon Pocket

'In rainy You fill 

in your watery eyes 

float nostalgic unspeakable

moments of

impulses ...

I do not know if within 

your psyche 


storm or your

refuge is born? ...

Fortunately, the umbrella

of my conscience

is always open

to rainy and snowy


Listen a sweet melody

of the song I

wrote for you, caressing 

your ears a sea of

peace, serenity


songs ..

Do not talk to the storm 


is silent

Do you Think you do not hear the


The omniscient feelings as a

hears everything 

and at the right time 

provides solutions

do not waste 

your heart

On palpitations

disposable emotional


to the face now

that I read the happiness


Please do not

invite loneliness

and Cairns nectar

Bitter consumption of wine ..

Every time 

To decreases

The full moon.

Look! the moon

crosses the back

of your mind a 

pocket of ideas 

Now before saying goodbye 

I cause you a surprise

in your hair the kiss of hope

Look in the bag

I gave you

something that I forgot .. 

Yes, I remembered

in your bag I

forgot about me. . smile!




PETROS KYRIAKOU VELOUDAS- Petros Kyriakou Veloudas was born in Agrinio in 1977 and lives today. He graduated with a degree in Greek Culture from the School of Humanities of the Open University of Patras, and is now a professor of Culture and a private employee. He worked as a radio producer on a local radio station and at the same time published poems or humorous stories in the city newspaper Agrinio  MACHITIS ANAGELIA, AETOLOAKARNIA PALMOS. From 2014 to 2019 he served as a municipal councilor, as a Vice President of the Municipal Community of Agrinio ... It is included in the electronic encyclopedia of Contemporary Greek writers along with his literary works. Today he is a member of the International Union of Greek Writers (DEEL). His literary achievements were awarded in the first Panhellenic Prose Competition, he won the Prize of 1000 Greek Poets, member of the International Union of Greek Writers (DEEL) and Executive Director of Greek Poetry of the Union of Argentine Poets.Also he is academic poet to Brazil Academy poetry and literature -AMCL. The literary works of PETROS K VELOUDAS are included in a large encyclopedia of new literature called ENCYCLOPEDIA HARI PATSI. ACTIVITY-HOBBY- Comic book reader, radio music producer, lyricist, amateur actor, amateur hagiography

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