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Pay Attention To The Earth’s Breath


Pay attention to the Earth’s breath

she is the mother, the pride of the Universe

the giant who cast the souls

in the wild rhythm of galaxies

repressing sound transmission into the void


lonely weeds are multiplying

the morning star experiences the suffering of the flesh

divinity entrusts thought the construction of the citadel of the soul

we are talking about marriage, joy and sorrow, life and death

we talk about ancestors and the future

and about how couples love each other


when mountains and forests get into a dilemma

the dam and harbour close, and the land dries up

lighthouse, sunset, dusk,

and beauty no longer belong to this place.




mist envelops

the distant mountain unfolding a picture of

hills and sierras in continuous transformation

darkness spreads over the tree’s home, bird’s path

flowing into the dim light of the night


feet are shoes’ prisoners

no chains, no lifts, or doors

mountains wrapped under the armpits

wander towards the setting sun


this dusk is an elderly man

like a Chinese shadow puppet show

covered all over

performing a story that is not theirs




the sun and the moon become friends

my poetry and the Nobel Prize bid farewell

devout planting makes the green shade of a leaf


the world is made of chemical elements

I can only dilute myself

into possible circumstances

by wielding the divine pen

writing with mercy on the trees

writing with hunger and the bread’s savour

writing lion’s return to the forest

and fishes’ return to the sea


then you shall find

the birth of a new world

birds walking

flowers reciting poems.


English Translation By Iuliana Pasca




ANNA KEIKO, pseudonym for Wang Xianglian, was born in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, but lives in Shanghai. She is member of Shanghai Pudong Writers Association, president and editor-in-chief of the Shanghai Spring Breeze Literature Association and vice president of the Shanghai Haipai Poetry Society. Her poetry appeared in more than 50 publications in China and abroad, including in the "American Poetry" magazine, at a French poetry blog, in "Universal India”, in “The World Journal of the Philippines", in the "New Zealand Herald", in “Overseas phoenix poetry”, in “British translation society”, in “Canadian literary poetry society”, the “Jiangnan Times” and “Yangtze River”. More than 1,000 of her poems have been published in Chinese, English, French, German, Dutch, Hindi and Arabic. She received many awards. In 2019, the Silver Prize of the first "Zuolong Right Tiger Cup International Poetry Competition", the second prize of the Shanghai Folk Poetry Competition and the National Network Popularity Award. Her poetry collection "Deep Sleeping Language," has been broadcast by Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station. Anna Keiko is also author of prose, lyrics, essays, comedy and drama. She is also an active international poetry promoter. In collaboration with the Spanish cultural organization ITHACA, she publishes since 2018 weekly in Chinese the Poem of the Week, so far more than 54 poets from 21 countries.


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