Tuesday, March 1, 2022







To wonder of things far and wide, not mention

things that appear to be normal.

To wonder of things that hurts and cause pain but somehow

the tears don’t fall.

To wonder of things that can be changed,

but it takes months and years to see the big picture.

To wonder of life itself, of someone’s cry for help,

a special need to be there when they call.

Running the race may seem hard to finish,

but the thought of living forever

is just a thought.

It’s hope, it’s life, it’s faith, it’s dream, it’s vision.

Keep running and keep seeing the vision, keep

hope alive.

Keep dreaming big and stretch your faith.

Believe it is and it will be.



The Wedding Dress


The soft off-white trail that stretched far and wide.

It felt good, it was the day. But many years past,

In conversation, the wedding dress was mentioned.

Wanting to decide if to dry clean or sell it.

Should that dress be a part of future outcomes?

Don’t do it. Don’t step back into that dress.

Is danger is stepping back into pain and misery.

Nothing was thrown away.

Everything that was left being was saved

Even that dress, so beautiful.

 The bag is filled with haunting words.

Testimonies of an unhappy soul.

Wedding pictures with pretensive smiles.

The dress, why waste it?

It can be used as beddings for my granddaughter

when she pees. Or use it as a door mat to wipe

dirty shoes.

Maybe then the pain and cries will disappear

and freedom at last will come because the villain is gone.



Happy New Year


Yes, the New Year is here all the celebrations and the fun.

It’s like the norm, cook the black eye peas and rice for prosperity

and good luck. That’s an old tradition or go to church and bring in the

new year, asking God to forgive your soul for not being in church for the whole year,

and making it just in the nick of time to cry Lord have mercy on me.

But this time it was different, being warned not to light fire works

close to houses went unheard. The celebrations came to an end, houses were

on fire. Everyone vacated as fast as possible, the panic, the screams.

total chaos. The cry for help, frustration of working so hard to have a great Christmas

food, drinks, baked ham and homemade bread, toys, Christmas tree even

bonus money if any, all up in flames.

The neighbors ran out and watched helpless, in no time everything was on fire.

The sirens were heard loud enough, racing against time.

Fire trucks speeds, clear the streets, make way,

they need to save what could be save. Curious onlookers

watch in disbelief. The fire men sprang into action, they tried.

The water pressure was not enough, the flames raged in its fury,

nothing was saved, the crackling noise of stuff being engulfed in the fire’s fury.

it’s a sad day, seven houses burned down, twenty-five persons homeless and

two cars destroyed. Thank God no one was hurt.

But the pain has started, no food, no clothes, no shelter.

Who will help them get back on their feet?

But they have life, but the torture in their head,

will not go away now, the nightmare is not over.

Can someone help them Please!!!!



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