Tuesday, March 1, 2022





I Am The Voice


I am the voice where voices seldom heard;

let posers pale and walk away in fear:

I give to each and every single word

a certain twist the lot of them to hear!


I am the heart where heartless fellows mass;

let brutes beware upon their ruthless perch:

my voice rings out so loud it shatters glass;

the priest himself now trembles in his church!


I am the soul where spirits sorely lack;

let some abhor the very thought of me:

though wolves decry the leader of the pack,

he comes to them, in time, their liberty!


I am the voice that rings out in the night;

go tell the wounded ones they've heard it right!


Those Things I Am


I am the stone on which I stand,

the tree against which I lean,

the water in which I wade,

the oxygen inside my lungs.


I am my shadow in the sun,

the perfume from the rose,

the honey from the bee,

the howling of the wind.


I am the God that made me,

the spring from which I drink,

the far and distant star,

the insect as it crawls.


I am the wonder and the awe,

the music of the spheres,

the teardrop in your eye,

the Oneness of it all.


Behold The Poem


Behold the way the poem

now appears upon this page,

as if somehow a magic spell

were cast, or else a god had

descended from his perch

on high, flinging lightning bolts

across my board, sparking

a litany of words from the ether,

while I quite simply sailed, not

the least of efforts made,

upon a sea of ink that bears

my name.




RICHARD DOIRON, Canada: published 57 years; estimated 1000 poems published in 150 anthologies, periodicals, personal books; author of novels, biographical works, essays, and lyricist. Graduate in journalism and Certified Lifeskills Coach; work read at the United. Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica. Participant in local, national, and international literary festivals; 2012 Lifetime Achievement. Award winner with World Poetry; 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award with Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry; 2017 nominated for "There is a Winner in You" Lifetime Achievement Award with Artery USA, nominated by James Pasqual Bettio, former senator in the California Senior Legislature. Twice published in forums alongside the Dalai Lama by invitation. Published in the world book, "Prayers for a thousand years,"1999, by invitation, book containing works by twelve Nobel Prize winners, including Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. 2019 named World Poet Laureate by the group Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry. Twice nominated for Canada's Governor-General's Award and the prestigious Griffin Poetry Prize. Published regularly round the world, mostly by invitation.


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  1. I wish to thank Our Poetry Archives for generously adding my poetry to your publication. It is an absolute honour to be included in your blog.