Tuesday, March 1, 2022





Woman Migrant


There somewhere


in the corner of the room




I drink the bitterness of powerlessness

what brought me here

and leav it.


Collect thoughts

on the tops of mountains

at a time of unrest.


Life here 

wrapped in lies hope

for a better tomorrow.


Through the window of  the room

I  look  at life.


I am nobody and nothing

I have no right to life.


Nobody wants me

I m  everyone s „threat“

And i  just want 

To be in the warmth of home.


I want to be human 

to live, to work

and build  better Tomorrow

for myself,

for family

for the homeland

for the World.


Those Who Can't Speak


 (after watching the movie by Jasmila Zbanic)


I'm going down the street endless. 

Silence inside me rumbles, screams 

Looks for the output 

God, what did I say?

Why didn't I say anything?


Fear in silence.

Silence in fear. 

Silence introduces silence into silence.


No word,

all superfluous, unnecessary.

Silence bends its wings, it reigns.

Silence and I

we hang out for a long time,

We understand eachother, 

we cannot do without each other.


Silence breaks my soul,

cries aloud 

asks me to conquer fear 

and say something

on behalf of those who cannot.


In silence, eyes are bigger.


Silence and silence, 

silence in silence.

Silence calls silence

No answer,

no one hears.


Silence, don't come out.

Pick up all yours and go into the silence of the scream.


Fear grows, plunges all body pores.

Fear of fear on fear of fear reigns.

Fear of fear takes its word.


Fear in fear grows, grows,

fear outgrows itself, reigns...


I'm going down the street of weakness with fright in me

God, why didn't I say anything?

Am I going to live in fear of infirmity all my life? 

God, where are all those who could and did not want

to prevent inhumanities? 

God help me speak on behalf of those who can't ..


Do You Know


Do you know that your heart is broken

Do you know that pieces of the soul are sought after


Do you know who I'm sitting with and drinking coffee

Do you know what kind of smile I have now


Do you know through which window thoughts are flying

Do you know which direction it will take in the air


Do you know who I'm smiling at

Do you know who I'm opening the door to?


Do you know about sleepless nights

Do you know about unfulfilled dreams


Do you know that the new day I love

Do you know the nafaka is coming to my home?


Do you know about soul calculus

Do you know that you will open the door and my door


Do you know there is no going back for "fugitives"

Do you know that thoughts can travel through the canyon of life


Do you know that tomorrow is a knock on my door for you too

Do you know that the destiny of each is determined.




REFIKA DEDIĆ: born in Bužim, where she started writing poetry in primary school. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. He works as a teacher at a high school in Bihać. She has published 4 collections of poetry. Her poems have been published in numerous international anthologies. She is a participant in numerous international poetry festivals where she has received awards and recognitions for her poetry. He is a member of numerous associations in the homeland, the region and the world. She is one of the founders of the Association "Words from Una", which organized 4 international meetings of writers in Bihać. She writes poetry, stories, essays, reviews ...


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