Tuesday, March 1, 2022





Never To Give Up


Never I put off my mask

Though the world is clear with no virus

Who knows the dark is still in lives

It comes up without warning


Keep up your health always

Before the virus comes to fetch

Let it be there to stop

As long as vaccine be in blood


No worry is to keep in heart

Be brave to walk down on the streets

Yet the street lights is not enlightening

Not allowed to give up then


Keep up your health always

Though the twilight looks like grey

Optimism stands still

As long the breath be in lives


No Ways To Choose


No ways  to choose

That the sun is not longer to come with

I  come across the open window

That the line of thy lives is closed up


To whom I come to ask

No clouds to fetch

Though I am in the air

That the ways to choose never come


I come back on my own ways

Yet the roads are beneath the hills

With full of green leaves

I choose the ways to walk


No ways  to choose

Though the virus stands still on the streets

I merely hear the voice

To keep thy lives before I come to sleep


The Waves And Storm


Among the huge waves and storm

I  come to sail with my own boat

With no  a feeling of frightening

Even when the waves comes to kill


Yet the sail is torn

My hope is going further

Never thy heart comes to stop

Since the boat is strong


On the other days the huge waves is calm

And my hopes will be bright

While the hills is clear up to gaze

That my hope never fades away


Never I Say And Miss It


Never I say and miss to welcome new year

For I know we are still together to sing song

No body rejects its coming


And I open my heart to gaze

How beautiful new year 2022

I will be delightful to be a part of you all

That later makes the lives be successful


Let’s keep the lives be peaceful

To avoid the laziness

To bring brightness in the lives

Hopefully in the new year the lives will be like golden daffodils




SIAMIR MARULAFAU is  Associate. Professor and a lecturer in Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Sumatera Utara, Medan-Indonesia. He was born in Nias, a small island located at North Sumatera- Indonesia. He has been teaching English Language and Literature for almost  36 years. He has written and published 9 poetry anthologies. Two poetry anthologies were written in English. They are entiled “ Lighting” and and “Humanity”.While others were written  in Indonesian language such as : “ Cintaku di Danau Singkarak”, Kasih Tak Putus”, “ Bahtera Dalam Ayat”, “Taqwa pada Allah”, etc. He had conducted seminar as a presenter and speaker in many countries like in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, other cities in Indonesia such as in Jakarta, Banda Aceh, Yokyakarta, He is active in writing poetry and reciting poems in Malaysia and some other places as well.


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