Tuesday, March 1, 2022




Sea Slave


Enraptured by the ocean

Letting it wash over me

Taken in by its beauty

The splashing of the sea

The rise and fall

The crash of the waves

Spellbound by its charms

It has me enslaved.

Donna McCabe ©


Faded Lines..


The ink has run dry

But for a short while

Creativity snuffed out

In the blink of an eye

These faded lines

Are all that remain

For now...

Donna McCabe ©




Going around in circles

A sense of deja vu

Just a little bit of history repeating

This thing that was me and you

Makes my heart ache repeatedly.

Donna McCabe ©


Kiss Me..


Kiss me like poetry

Let your lips move

Like ink across a new page

Full of raw emotions

You want to express

Before you leave me breathless

Clear of your true feelings

And intentions for me...

Donna McCabe ©


Prying Eyes


Watched from every angle

Questioning eyes, recriminating eyes,

Eyes that judge every move

How we look, what we wear,

What we say

In this day and age

It seems everyone

Has something to say..

Donna McCabe ©


DONNA MCCABE is an established poet with over twenty years’ experience. Her work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies she is also a respected admin on social media pages as well as having her own Instagram page, @donnamccabe_

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