Tuesday, March 1, 2022





Simple Things


I bear neither diamond nor gold,

Such things slippery I cannot hold.


I'm neither a prince nor a star,

Such things with many eyes have the biggest scar.


I'm neither a Lord nor a King

Such is a difficult and heavy thing.


If butterfly could perch on stones and make it flowers,

If trees could wave and dance in stormy hours,


If bees could gather sewage to make honey,

If life cannot be bought with money,


If the sun rises to fall,

If the moon smiles on all,


Then joy and happiness lie in simple things

And not what fortune or fame brings.

Common Cross


mankind claimed thus

'Humanity is a common cross

Let's unite as us'

Yet if flaws

It's common laws

With tribal wars

Resulting to moral loss.


Such Things


certain things I fear

May not sound nice to hear.


TIME: such things with wings

Have the deadliest stings.


LOVE: such thing with bliss

Has a poisonous kiss.


RICHES: such things with freedom

Have scornful wisdom.


FAME: such thing with attractions

Has numerous distractions.


MYSELF: such thing with fire

Has an insatiable desire.




FRANCIS OTOLE is a Nigerian born poet and academician. A member of the Association of Nigerian authors(ANA) and many other literary groups. He is an award winning poet from the local and international scenes. Has been featured in magazines, journals, and anthologies;locally and internationally. He is a graduate of the prestigious Benue State University and a student of life. His hobby is reading and writing. He is married with two children

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