Tuesday, March 1, 2022







Red is the colour of my blood

like poppies that

high bend to the valleys breeze

of roses in May

spreading their intense scent

all around

Red is the blood

of the Syrian children

in thousands dying

under bombs

as rain falling down

innocent lives broken

in their green ages

as tender branches

before blossoming

cut down

Red the blood of their mothers

screaming in pain and crying

barefoot walking in search of food

amid the rubble

of the destroyed towns and

gutted houses

Red is the blood

of the fighting men

waving flags of unalike colours

Red are my eyes

for the anger

in front of the humane folly

@ Maria Miraglia



Living In Hope


I was once a slave to my father

and to my husband now and

was never free

to get out and breathe in solitude

the fresh air of the open spaces


A prisoner without a visible chain

I could never open the door

To my thoughts and aspirations

Just dreamt in my youthful days

to write stories of women in my condition

and poems

telling of their secret cries

but even this

was not allowed


I fear giving birth to a son

one day

that could keep this old tradition

it's for this

I'm living in hope

my womb can bring females only

to teach them

not to allow anyone

to submit their will

or ignore their wishes and needs

of human beings

@Maria Miraglia



As The Dawn


Don't waste your time

nor wait any longer

to say of  your love

for me

don't be miserly

with your words

that only can weave

our love story

with threads of gold

as wheat ears

in the warm  summer mornings

but make it grow

in strength and beauty

as gently do the rain and sun

for the fruit trees


Say to your heart

not to hidden

your  sweet feelings

as in a treasure chest

of ancient times

but let them shine

in the open air

as precious stones

at the sunlight


Don't fear

to reveal your soul

and all its beauty

be as the dawn

showing to the mortals

the wonders of the earth

while clearing away

the gloomy dark colours

of the night.





MARIA MIRAGLIA: Educationist, poet, translator, peace activist, Maria A. Miraglia was born and lives in Italy. For a long time, an active member of Amnesty International, she herself founder and chairwoman of World Foundation for Peace. Member of Ican, of the International Observatory for Information and Human Rights. Founding member and literary director of the Italian cultural association P. Neruda, honorary member of Nationes Unidas de las Letras, advisory member of the editor board of Galaktika Poetike Autunis, member of the editorial board of Our poetry Archive, member of the editorial advisory board of Sahitya Anand. Presidente de la organization Mundial de los Trovatores, Italy and Deputy President – Coordination, at a child rights global organization, the United World Movement for Children (UWMC). She collaborates for poetry with numerous national and international newspapers and magazines. Her poems have been translated into several foreign languages and are collected in numberless anthologies all over the world.  Dr Maria Miraglia is often a welcome guest of international events for poetry. Beauty and profundity are the most important characteristic of Maria Miraglia’s works and although these elements are found in some of the exceptional works by modern writers, blending them together seems a challenge for many, where Maria is found to be successful applying them into her poems. Author of anthologies in Italian, English or both languages She is recipient of numerous national and international awards and recognition.

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