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To Europe With Love– 2

Names for Laocoon’s Sons

Europe dear,

Where’s your ancient Greece’s

Wise man gone?

Have you ever his two sons known?

If you don’t know let me tell you:

One is FRANCE’s Marat

The other GERMANY’s Goethe

Both … both with their father

Didn’t survive the deadly serpents' bites

The first, the Revolution’s martyr,

For his patriotism

The second, for challenging

Through his ‘Faust’ all devil’s pacts

Some think that Trojan Horse

Is galloping over the abyss between

Yesterday’s myth and today’s facts.


Oh, if only ENGLAND’s Shakespeare

Had sketched in his plays any leader,

Somewhere between his retired King Lear

And imperialism-addicted Macbeth!

But as both are now powerless penniless

In the playwright’s inky graveyard,

Some may think that foreseeing

Trojan Horse’s reincarnation

Is not that hard


Wait! Let me try to ask ITALY’s Dante

Who’s still busy building an endless ladder

Between his ‘Inferno’ and ‘Paradiso’:

Have you mentioned in your ‘Comedia’

A thousand and one Troys

Where every ‘Laocoonian party’

Is condemned for being too wise?

Some would ask: But should Trojan Horse

Always be of such a massive size?


But at Dante’s Paradise,

Though unmentioned,

SPAIN’s Cervantes

Who had once been trodden

By past horses wild

Has been always there

Ready to send his Don Quixote

Who has taught the whole world

How we should be ridiculous in order

To secure our crazy dreams

Thus, he finds no shame to ride

That ever-pregnant wooden horse

For whatever its bowels would bring

There will be no risk … yes …

Remember all parties, all factions,

All unions, all camps, all sects

That the past plaguing horse

Had no rider, no spur, no bridle

Today, to keep peace alive, we should say:

Where there’s a horse there is a horseman.

That what I’ve guessed, dear Europe,

From your Renaissance heroes’ works,

And that what a coming-soon Renaissance

Of no arms but only banners white

Will bloodlessly put into action

So, let’s wait for the Profphtic Knight!



On My 68th Birthday


Another BD has come to burn

All the glory I’ve gained

On the altar of Yours

And here I’m saying it again:

To BE is to cease to be.

That’s the answer to all questions.



Remember, Lord!

You once made me SOMETHING


Now, I wish to be NOTHING

With my whole being melting,

Yet, still shining as it disappears

Into Your Everlasting Light.



To My Torturer With Love …


O you, who I’ve given

All my life to,

Are you still my ‘YOU’?!

Whenever you hit me,

Just know one thing,

I wish you had done it

With a whip of fire

But not … not with

My bleeding heart

That only your love

And care would desire.

O you, who once

Was my only ‘YOU’,

Just keep in mind

That a day will come

When this very heart

Will bleed tears

At your bed of illness

When your fist 

of oppression is nothing

But a supplicant hand.

Yes, this very heart

Will have no more fears

At your gloomy tomb

When your arm of violence

Covered with rust

Will find nothing to hold

But a cold hug-full

Of lifeless dust.





GEORGE ONSY (b. 1953) is an Egyptian thinker, poet and artist, and a Professor of English and Art-architecture History at The Egyptian-Russian University and other academies in Cairo. His outstanding works of poetry and art calling for a universal unifying spirituality have been published in several international printed anthologies, magazines, and e-zines. He is a recipient of several awards notably "The Global Icon of Peace Award”-2017 and “The Most Outstanding Peace Poet in 2017”-2018 (Nigeria) and “The Best Poet Award”-2017 (World Nation Writers Union, Kazakhstan). Having been awarded for Literary Excellency in 2020, he was appointed a National President of the Hispanic International Writers’ Union (UHE) for Egypt and ambassador for 5 other international cultural organizations. He is at present the Egypt-President for the GLOBAL PEACE COUNCIL for Human Rights and Anti-corruption-UK/India.


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