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About Good And Evil


Evil is always with Good, keeping pace in the world,

Who is not familiar with Khabyl and Kabyl?

A Muslim is not nice to me that he is ready to kill,

A non-believer is dear to me, that he is ready to love! 


About Nobel Prize


The beggar must be, yes, the beggar's friend,

I must give my life for the beggar's joint.

For we cannot escape the End of the World,

If the good kind does not save the life.

If my hand suddenly reaches the moon,

A beggar could rejoice at this!

If you are lucky with the Nobel Prize,

Will God alone be happy about this!


The Year Of The Tiger


We are all different: one of us is a redhead,

One of us is black, we wrap a turban.

One of us is Chinese, one of us is Uzbek,

One of us is Islam, one is Buddha.

One of us is Korean, one of us is Tajik,

One of us is a man and the other is a woman.

Our languages are English, French, Russian, German,

One of us is obese, one is thin.

Long, short, ugly, beautiful,

One of us is funny and one of us is serious.

One of us is tired, one of us is tired,

All these qualities are divine.

So we are all different on earth,

We eat and wear all kinds of food.

Our thoughts are different, our goals are different,

When the name is Ali, we are Khoja, if the name is Khoja, we are Ali.

Sometimes one of us dives into the water,

Who are we to dry it,

The world is like this - mutual strife,

Sometimes we want to take to the skies.

Although we are different, we are in a world of light,

Thankfully, we all have one God.

Thank God we have one year!

Happy New Year to the Creator.


My Corner


My corner is small - it consists of a table and a chair,

Which is my computer.

It has the Internet, but nothing else,

No corruption, no flattery, no deception.

No arrogance, no envy, no hypocrisy

This is my tiny corner.

Around which there is no intirigue, no betrayal,

He is so modest - my little corner.

From here I communicate with the whole world,

From here comes my humble voice.

This corner was given to me by God,

My sacred, transparent corner.

It is much more than limitless corners

The whole world will interfere in it.

This is where my greatest God lives with me,

Here I meet the sun and the moon.

My corner is my little world

My tiny ant hole.

Where do I stand before the huge World,

Here I triumph, here I suffer.

This is my homeland - my meek corner.

My corner is my Globe!


How Beautiful Life


How beautiful life is, no matter what,

She seems beautiful especially in winter

When white, fluffy snow falls from the sky.

She becomes even more beautiful before the New Year!

How beautiful life is, what clean air,

What a fresh breath, what fresh faces.

Cheeks like red, ripe apples,

As if life on Earth had just begun.

Oh, those fabulous Christmas trees decorated with toys,

Your thoughts will steal, and abandoning a few years ago.

It's like you're dropping twenty to thirty years

And you will find yourself in the Kingdom of youth.

You forget about the negative sides of life

Your ears burn from the influence of the frost you received.

Winter seems to rejuvenate you

You want to go ice skating, sleigh rides.

 In winter, the Lord sends you a gift,

And you rejoice at this gift under the tree.

Together with adult sons,

Oh, how many lights are on the street in winter.

Garlands adorn bridges, houses and roadsides

As if the world is celebrating its birthday.

Everywhere there are candles, cakes, champagne,

And a joyful, cheerful, honorable LIFE!




Gather your mercy, my friend,

Your uncle's skin is ready to be slaughtered.

End your kindness a little,

Let the wise Tiger pass this year.

Don't waste your life for a moment,

Part of your heart is a particle cage.

Know thyself, have mercy and leave others,

A breath that no one will give you.




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