Tuesday, March 1, 2022




Devastated Cities


I look out the window every dream

eyes dreamed, love was wonderful

when I least expect it, it comes

and covers all my slow humanity


an occasion to be arrested today

I have to calm myself down as I know and can

the weather is changeable every morning

when I get up at half past five


hours turn into minutes

when I expect the unexpected

and I did not know the perspective of life and the street

the city is becoming more and more devastated


nothing goes in my favour anymore

because I can't look at myself

how I suffer almost every day

while some better dream building awaits me somewhere far away


for I am a man of flesh and blood

I'm not someone who likes to waste my mind

i just want everything to be like it used to be

that my comrades have not forsaken me

when it was most needed


the meaning for me is happiness is the greatest

when I realize that I have only myself today

and life has become so short indeed

that I can no longer think of myself


a valid out should be emotionally oriented

times will remain still times

but only memories of time right heal

the cities are still very devastated


what an aspiration for my life

if I'm not lucky at all

I live only for the sake of humanity and time

devastated that love has given me

and took it away when it was most needed


cities devastated, again demolished

so at least I'm lying now that I have myself

because it has no sense of humour

when it was once valid for a reason

I wouldn’t survive every moment in the world of storytelling!


Love Took A Trace


I was hoping for you

while destiny writes history

that I can no longer be yours

for time changes all my states


I was hoping to be yours

but what good is it if suebina is not like that

as I really expected

to be together forever


all the dreams we have had so far

they fall into the wasp itself without an abyss

and I trample on my words again

wouldn't I just be yours again


if time is my greatest ally

why am I still looking for a part of your heart

if I can't be a happy man with you

why do I still hope only for you now?


love took away all my traces

and I just hope you're happy

although I am not your man life joyful

and I can go on somehow

because time will show me everything

when I least expect it

that you were the mistake of life

and that I just was

the monopoly of your imagination!


Some New Times


It's raining, I'm sad

because I don't have you hiding myself

I have to fight with myself

to solve some problems


I didn't know you were so dangerous

and I'm just a temporary postulate of the character

who seeks to be a man

if at all possibleb


I believe i am unique

but that I deserve something better

and that is to have only myself again

while everything else juices on the candles


I have to be strong for myself

I need to know there is someone

who is waiting for me there far away

when the guide is the hardest


not all the time keivo of this pig

that I don't know how to protect myself

but I can do without trbr again

because I’m not going back to the old anymore

I'm not your coward or player

past time


destiny is often the roof for everything

but reason reminds me again

that I deserve something better than anything

and that only I choose at the end

what I want to be from life

beggar or servant!




MAID CORBIC from Tuzla, 21 years old. In his spare time, he writes poetry that has been praised and awarded several times. He also selflessly helps others around him, and is the moderator of the WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for unity and world peace in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the portal of the First Virtual Art Universe, led by Dijana Uherek Stevanovic, and the selector of the competition on the page of the same name, which aims to connect all poets around the world. Many works have also been published in anthologies and magazines (Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Salvador, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Croatia, Serbia, etc.) as well as printed copies of the anthology of poems "Sea in the palm of your hand", "Stories from Isolation", and “Kosovo Peony”, and many others.

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