Tuesday, March 1, 2022





A Ray Of Sunshine


A ray of sunshine sketched

Your figure on the wall!

A note I used your name

to make into a song.

Words can dry, with nothing to say

lost in my thoughts, on your chest I lay.

Your mind impenetrable,

Like a yellow forest,

and I am trapped

in fear, in torment!

0n your body I trace routes,

that could lead me to your soul

and my troubled mind console!


Picture Perfect


Drop by drop your tears

I drink,

kiss after kiss in your lips

I sink,

eyes blurred,

hands holding tight

as bodies


love’s built a nest.


The Morning and Evening Star

showered us with gifts

and the whole starry sky

came down in our amidst.


The cubed god joined them

in a song

while a heron peeped out

chirping along!


Nature crafted

its loveliest landscape,

all its elements

coming together

for our sake!


Love’s Gaze


How can I but gaze on you

when life ‘s reflected in the sparkle of your eyes?

How can I but long for night to come by my side

bearing your form?

You embrace me like a starry night!

An orchard of love and a forest of affection

I shall have ready for you by daylight.

It may have taken long for our dreams to meet,

but the cloud of bitterness disperses

in the light of our boundless sunrises.

A picture drawn by angels

A song by sirens sung!

Thus shall I gaze on you!




RANIA ANGELAKOUDI was born in Kronaberg Sweden where she spends plenty of her time. She had the opportunity to meet people and places in her different trips exchanging ideas among other artists regarding life, man and Mother Nature she loves too much! Her studies in English Literature and language helped her to meet the international Poets in combination with the Greeks. Her thoughts have been influenced by them as a result she created her own poetical path. Being invited at the poetic festivals in Singapore, Tawian and Hayderabad in India from cultural authorities her poems taking part in international and national anthologies and competitions this offered her significant awards. Some of the most important are: Ιn2015 under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of culture based in Ankona. She was awarded in a special ceremony in Museo della citta and she is the unique Poetess in Greece who has received that honour. She has nominated as the ‘Icon for World Peace’ in November 2016 for the devotion of her penwork to peace. Later in January 2017 she was titled Peace Ambassador at large for Greek and Swedish Branches for World Institute for Peace global organization. She has contributed work to a number of national and international Collections and Anthologies. Via her writing path she was announced a member in honor from FIJET union of Journalists based in France. Her books can be found in the historical library Stadsbiblioteket in Stockholm and her poems have been translated into Italian, Swedish, Bosnian, Spanish, Turkish, Serbian, Arabic, English, Hindi of India and Slavic language.

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