Tuesday, March 1, 2022






Worn out,

alike the cliché

of many days,

I was sleepwalking

along the transparent thread

between the suffering

and the sightful dreaming.


in the lumped shadows

of the apparitions

I bared

the nerves of my nails

peeling off the walls

of providence.


A strong tapping on my back

demolished my upraise

– I spat out the dirt

of everyday.




Time lies on the ground and

imprints itself in the clay of tranquillity

with carved eyes pointed towards the sky.


The water, open-mouthed, gathers the century’s breath

and drips mercy in the rainbow’s arc

anchored in the reconciliation.


The air

respires in its own geometry.


The fire, by inertia,

shifts the boundaries of the

newly discovered coexistence.


The deleted space recreates itself

enlightened by unearthly luminosity.

The creation reveals a new eternity.



When The Day Goes To Bed


Let the sunset

never be a fading,

let it not be a dying,

let it always be a birth -

your birth in the bosom of the night.

Do not be afraid of her,

but shine with all your might,

glitter with all your soul -


Find your place

among the stars.


Translation From Macedonian Into English:

Vesna Mundishevska-Veljanovska



VESNA MUNDISHEVSKA-VELJANOVSKA born in 1973 in Bitola, Macedonia, is a member of the Macedonian Writers' Association, Macedonian Science Society – Bitola (MSS) and Bitola’s Literary Circle. She is the author of 13 books of poetry, 2 books of literary reviews, co-author of a poetry book for children and co-author of 6 vocational books for teachers. Her poetry has been translated into many languages and is represented in anthologies. She has won numerous poetry awards. She is editor of the Journal of Culture - Literature, Drama, Film and Publishing – “Sovremeni dijalozi”/ "Contemporary Dialogues" (published by MSS) and was editor of the Journal of Literature, Art and Culture “Rast”/ "Growth", several literary buletins and over 40 poetry books and collections. She was President of the Literature and Culture Association "Razvitok" - Bitola and of the Literary Youth of Macedonia – Bitola, as well as secretary of the Writers' Association “Bitola’s Literary Circle”.


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