Tuesday, March 1, 2022





A Hymn


I am just as a wish to your night

When grief dominates

Have me been for you

And play me a tune

The morning sings it

Over the green Knolls.

Do not you know?

You are my heartbeat,

My blood remembrances,

And my soul uprising

Whatever the unseen world

is clear up to me.

And our rides are too far away


our memories

will remind you of me.



Beaches Of Rebel


My heart longs for you

Endow him curative from

 a bitter separation

Bestow your eyes, satisfaction on him

Do not leave me too long

Put your lovely forgiveness upon me

Weren't your my first initials

in my permissible love album,

And I was your sweet song

when the nightingales sing?

Did you know how many palaces we built

on the beaches of rebel

before being destroyed by the waves?

And my pride was defeated blew them

Seeing you wipe my head

then whisper while smiling,

Saying: don't get upset, we will rebuild

I still remember..

Your hands were perfumed by two tears

And a poem that was born here

And those who were passing

on the sides of our dream

Recite verses of releasing

from misgivings trapped us

The morning came out among us

Just give the days to write what we want.





I have crossed over the horizon

hurtling at you

Hoping that my soul calms

down into your hands

Putting out that fire in my heart

and to heal the wounds with you

I was overtaxed by a lot of beaches

Only your beach consoles me

Would you let my broken heart

tell my story by night to you?

In order to accommodate me,

and I would be welcomed

in your arms.




SAMY ABUBADR: An Egyptian poet, born on January 3rd 1975 in Kafr El-sheikh, the coastal city near Alexandria. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Education from AL Azhar University in Cairo 1998. Academic teacher of Arabic Language and Literature in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. _His first poetry collection (A night hour) was published in 2015. _The second one (A princess imagination) was published in 2018. He also has two poetry collections in print. The third one is (The revealing of creeks) issued in 2021 by the ministry of culture, Sharjah, UAE. The fourth on is (Gardens of Flowers) is a book of children's stories in 2021._He is ready to issue his poetry collection (Seasons of Absence), 2021 in the few coming days._ In addition, he has three books in print and they would be issued in the coming months. Many of his articles about general issues have been published in newspapers and academic journals. His work was published in more than twenty Arab and Foreign countries. He recorded a number of his poems on Arab radios and TV channels. Many studies and readings were written about his poetry and literary works. He was honored by several of Arab and international Cultural and media institutions. He Won the poetry award for the Emad Qatari Center for Creativity and cultural development in 2015.

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