Monday, August 1, 2022



* * *

Habitual emergency is in the house,

In the kitchen, it sizzles, hisses ...

But the schedule of my quirks

Prophesies the coming peak...

And I console myself with the power

Over the verse and over the fate,

While the pencil and eraser are

With me.



* * *

Привычно авралю в доме,

На кухне шкворчит, шипит…

Но график моих закидонов

Пророчит грядущий пик…

И я утешаюсь властью

Над строчкой и над судьбой,

Пока карандаш и ластик –

С собой.



* * *

Doing the Sisyphean labor,

Even stupid things, perhaps,

It’s the doom to build a House

From a fire

to a fire.


 * * *

За Сизифовым трудом,

Даже глупостью, пожалуй, –

Обречённость строить Дом

От пожара

                    до пожара.


* * *

Azalea confused the seasons –

Changed January to July.

But only this deceptive comfort

Is akin to perestroika.


To change fates, places?

After all, they think, whoever passed,

That in the house with such flowers,

Probably everything is fine...


 * * *

Азалия спутала сроки –

Сменила январь на июль.

Да только сродни перестройке

Обманчивый этот уют.


Судьбой поменяться, местами?

Ведь думают, кто б ни прошел,

Что в доме с такими цветами,

Наверное, все хорошо…          


Translated From Russian To English By Anastasia Sergeeva




BEZDENEZHNYKH MARINA ALEXANDROVNA - poet. She was born in Omsk, USSR. She graduated from school, the philological faculty of Omsk State University, postgraduate studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University, doctoral studies at Omsk State University. Poems were published in collective collections, almanacs, anthologies and magazines in Omsk, Tomsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. She is an author of 8 poetry books. She is the head of the regional literary association attached to the Omsk regional public organization of the Writers' Union of Russia. Marina Bezdenezhnykh is a winner of the twice Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal of Aviation N. Skomorokhov prize (1997), a winner of L. Martynov regional literary prize (2009), a winner of V. Makarov regional literary prize (2012), a winner of M. Shangin regional literary prize (2021), a winner of D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak All-Russian literary prize (2016) c. She was awarded the medal "For Service to Literature" (2012). Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Work of the Omsk Humanitarian Academy. Author of many scientific publications. She is a member of the Writer's Union of Russia, a board member of the Omsk regional public organization of the Writer's Union of Russia, a member of the editorial board of the magazine "Literary Omsk".


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