Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Killer Born.


He threw his corpse over a rickety wooden bed, the graying of his head quarrels with him, after he was exhausted by the stabs of waiting, and he put the perfume of his tears on the pillow with which the dragon of the long night perfumes. He mumbles between the lips and curses the divisions of his ungrateful face, which accompanies him every morning. Is this the harbinger of the night disguised me..?! paid, think carefully and wonder, is this the straight path? ..

Suddenly the sound of his blue window rang out... on it.

The happiness of life comes with the birth of hope after despair, and despair born from the womb of hope is fatal.


The Season Of Death...


the feet of the night confuse

running behind the mirage

And your eyes are wellsprings of light

The sunrise no longer matters to me

And you are the antidote to serenity...

Increase me with your moonlit face

The stars are embracing each other

Unity from afar...

blessed is the land that bore a kiss

It has a pulsation of blood in the vein.

oh, miss my heart

and the last bundle of spring

Oh cringe, the glow of dawn

young man of the night beasts

with the spurs of deviation bear no grudge

a crying baby threatens me

come back..

come back with your charming perfume

with the scent of pomegranate vibration

Is it not time... to put out the fires of longing?!

O Samara of the heart...

The wind does not desire my ships

the leprosy is a long-earned grievous

The sky does not promise me anything but drowning

And I see spring blooming

With his addictive purple fields

With your sexy perfume..

On the journey of the third millennium that

My burning memory passed through my life

She has documented her precious catch

As black as the eyes of gulls

And you braid the braids of my sails

Torn by the shoulder of the sea

And you sigh with the whine of the sunrise..

And I do not leave the spectrum of your soul

My little girl, you blue dove

Let the sight trip..

settle in jovi

And turn off the burners of your sandy time

The powder is in us.

And open the quorum of a lifetime of paper

For another chapter.. don't miss

It is not like the inherited seasons

as a serious scattered gene

Among the canines of the tribe..


Death Whispers


Dreams are loaf of the poor

And that dish covered with heartbreaks

It is only filled with sobs!

Who hears the call?

Whoever slips over my shoulder

A bruised isolation?

Those empty alleys

from the whispers of the night

Alone you are for the soul to survive

Forest of Ideas Waitress

taming the eyes of the winery

Moisturize the throat of desires

With a touch of tenderness without meeting

Even the cracks in the walls

on which fingers glide

The cheeks of its corners are red

Heaven's chants stammer

I wish you would come back like the pulse of a lamp

Congratulations on the olive season!

Nassem Naseem Perfume (Chanel)

We wish you a long life in generosity

I can still hear your heart

He sings the song of love

He is watered by his light..

To apply silence in every courtyard

We swim with the rewards of patience

We are swept away by the springs of shame

Like a baby who loves

To practice the rite of hope

The singing of these legends

Riad Shabak Al-Ayoun

Insane, stabbing conversations

to be lubricated with weeping bats

Find what longing gives its gifts

And what the soul acquires voluntarily

She is in your hands, Sajida

The tremor of the sword will not go back

studded horse saddles

With the disappearance of the curtain of darkness

I ride the waves,

Life will not come back to him..




Dr. ADNAN AL-RIKANI, born in 1971 in the city of Mosul. Iraq - Kurdistan Region. Poet and journalist

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