Tuesday, November 1, 2022



I Was Not A Ghost

Yet I Visited The Grave


the grave is a library of bones.. - Oletu C.


today, I visited the grave

to see the victims of this established occurrence


today, I saw souls lieing without breath,

not moving an inch, they were dead


today I was made to notice they all kicked the bucket

yet they kicked different sizes


today, I saw bodies staring at me coldly,

telling me, this is death, death upon a man's body


today I did not become a ghost to discover

that iku(death) is the end of life.


Death Is The Metaphor

For Our Extinction


you leave me to sulk

and take solace

in what is said of eternity.. - Tunde Decker


I join Milton to say; O! death be not proud,

O! death be not glad,

O! death know you not that you are a devourer,

O! death joy not in your will to kill,

grief, pure sorrow


Is the emotion you render

to those still in mortality.


You mercilessly tap at the door of every human,

Wielding dangerous power to stop

the cycle of breathing in oxygen

and breathing out carbon-dioxide.


You leave humans naked in the grave,

Stuffed in a coffin akin to a prison

symbolizing the end of life.


Once you strike; we can do

nothing but sulk, cry, weep


and sadly accept that you are coming-

coming to perform the ritual

of extinction,

you are coming for everyone of us.


When Life Leaves The Body

It Is Called Death!


returning to dust

is the only way to be invisible.. - Oletu C.


Wrapping my imagination into the

reverberations from crossing the bar,

Unfolding my body into the

acute reasoning of this poem.


Life has an exact opposite,

A direct invisibility becoming

Visible to us one after the other,

Man returns to dust - nothingness;


glaring darkness -

Death is when the heart suddenly

stops beating in the body.


sad reality -

Death is when life is forced out of a

man and stillness becomes his companion.


surely -

Death is when one closes his eyes

and disappears from the surface of the earth.




JOEL OYELEKE IFEOLUWA is a budding poet, student, avid reader and writer from Osun state, Nigeria. A personality with a flair for reading, teaching and of course writing. An undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun state, Nigeria. He has had so many of his poems published in various anthologies, magazines and literary collections both locally and internationally.

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