Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Nt To Wake Up Again


Before sun set will arrive

I have to reach my place

I have dreams to achieve and

I have gone through much stress


Before birds are gone to

Their nests for the night

I have to finish my work here

Ahead I may not get much light


Before stars come up

Across the sky tp roam

I will say my final prayer and

Get ready to return to my home


Before darkness falls

Across valleys and plains

I will say goodbye to you all and

Sleep in peace not to wake up again


Into A Handful Of Dust


Someday the light will fade away

Slowly from my eyes and I will die

Leaving this body of flesh and blood

Away to a new realm my soul will fly


Someday our love will mean nothing

When in my grave I will be sleeping

I will not hear your muffled cry inside

A grave six feet long and two feet wide


The memory of your hugs and kisses

Your sidelong glance and long tresses

As a passing whiff of wind will be lost

When I will turn into a handful of dust


Rain Can’t Touch Me


The rain lashes the ground

Making a noise so profound

It goes on falling all the day and night

A wall of diamond drops hangs in sight


The raindrops make music

Soothing to mind not tragic

As they strike walls and window panes

And fall upon the roofs and leafy fence


Someday the rain will stop

From falling as pearly drops


I will not be there to hear the

Sweet melodies it will make

With its cool touch and earthy

Scent to me it will not awake


I will leave all the nice things I have

Rain too can’t touch me in my grave


Inside My Grave


When I will be taken to my grave

Can I hear the sounds of the wave?

That crashes against the sandy shores

Of the sea that is not fierce, never roars;


Sleeping inside my grave in peace,

Can I smell the scents of the flowers?

Of the garden that I tended so carefully,

Where I sat to write in my lonely hours;


Will dreams come to me there?

Will I feel the love again for you?

In the garden of love can we wander

Hand in hand crushing the diamond dew?


When my body will start to decay

Can I feel the warmth of night and day?

Slowly it will crumble and turn into dust

For me all the sounds and smells will be lost.



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