Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Sleep Peacefully


If I could feel her one more time

how he is near me and gives me advice

of the good old days, to have fun

and she is gone, I wither like a flower


Sleep well my sweet friend

may the angels watch over you up there

and I will go to those heavenly steps once

just to figure out some more



I Was Waiting For You


Now the story goes like this

I didn't wake up for one day

everyone tried to lift me up

but he only tried in vain


Conscience was erased in one day

  no hope was born that day

the moment when a sad word should be kept silent

and when the black veil falls from the sky


Then when you need to be quiet you are not there

and I see you in the mirror

and I realize the sad truth

and pain is written on my forehead.




You have the right to hear, and everything you say can and will be

let the rights for the murdered being be read

10 years for her life is little

just so you know I care a lot about her

I won't kill you, you don't deserve it

I'll stop when you think it's over

our accounts are not settled

You will answer to me if you don't want to



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