Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Corpse Flower


From the breathtaking stretch of street,

And along suspicious vertical columns,

I'm coming home with all the red lights crumpled in my hands

Under a short ceiling shade

I am approaching destruction

Staring at the wall, I prefer horizontal lines: I sleep

The corpse flower

Behind the window

Sleeping in a deep breath

The last breath

As the flower exhales, a vain image is born

On the wall

Countless reproductions of faces: reflections of emptiness.

 Memory: Inhale

Wall: exhale

Memory: exhale

Wall: Inhale

Bulky dust in the room combines the horizon with the vertical


Where Is The Address Of The Sea?


Remove the dead fish from my face

 Where is the address of the sea?

My artificial legs are suffocated in the mud

among the confusing alleys of politics

And the shadow of an empty serum searches my stiff veins

A perforated roof cannot inject the sky into my heart

One injection is enough

I am addicted to the sea

Where is the address of the sea?





Your body parts fit in a postcard!


Your body parts will be more alive near inanimate the nature

Donate your feet to the borders!

They may be able to cross barbed wire

Maybe you can touch Dante's imaginary paradise

Insert your hearts into the dolls' chests!

In childish legends, your dream pulse will be faster

Donate your eyes to the sky!

Maybe you can experience the vastness of the earth for once

Your body parts fit in a postcard!


There is no safe place here for the interconnected limbs of a human being




ELHAM HAMEDI (Shiraz, Iran, March8, 1967) is an international multimedia artist, poet and curator, a permanent member of the Iranian Visual Arts Scientific Association, with a master's degree in art research from Yazd University, and a bachelor's degree in radiology from Shiraz University, Winner of the  International Literary Award 2022 named "Women For Culture and For Peace" award (MESTRE/VENEZIA), “International Prize for Peace and the Defense of Human Rights “( Toscolano Maderno), one of the poetesses selected for participation in First International Iside Prize (( IX Edition )Literary Arts 2021( Procida-Italy). She is present with her poetic and artistic works in numerous international anthologies and prestigious international magazines and websites, and also Personal and International Group Art Exhibitions.

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