Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Death And We


This life is false and

  too short,

anything to be said.

 Everything revolves

 around love and hate

sadness and happiness,

    laughter and tears.

Death dances around us

   as if it is not peeking out

around us it is spreading secretly

 watches and laughs

down, up, around us

 and says you will not run

 away from me,

  no one’s did not!

I'm faster than your thoughts,

don't forget!


Dying Of Hope


Silently dying of hope within

 waking up without the morning sun,

the sound of the stream.

Caressed by the wind carried

to the sublimity of grief in interlocking chains

 of the martyr

The blue infinity of the constellation, the invisibility of monotony,

  dying at dawn, no new morning.


the last hope dies

 of warm hugs in

dawns new on the horizon.

Gentle caresses

 as part of the awakening of

 the heavy covering of the soul.

Waking up at sunrise,

the glow of the sun is dying

along the same road

 of the infinity in which

for the last time

i won't see you.




With the words of the verses

I can't touch you!

In my messages with verses from the soul

I can't put everything I feel, closer to you

With sighs and sadness

I can't reach you.

 I have so many unspoken, uncounting words ....

So many verses that are not written on white paper.

Sadness and darkness of the soul hidden invisibly

in the deep oceans,

away from touching

playful sighs.

You are squeezed, stigmatized and  I,m dying

at every moment _without death.


To Eternity


In quick steps


of a wedding dance

Let's take me,

somewhere far away

In the heights

of the sky.

Intoxicated by madness

take me in a gentle embrace

   Playing a Love dance,

tired to the last


  both we will fall into trance.

Surrounded by the scent

 of colorful flowers

in ecstasy of



 FIlled with the happiness

of our lives

 Let's playing,

endlessly on this beauty

 of the day.

       Let them not stop,

    chords of music

let's wait for the night



with ours Wedding dance

 to Death.




SABAHETA ETA MERSIMI, born 1956 living at village Zitose _ North Macedonia, married, mother of 4 lovely children’s and 7 grandchildren. Pensioner, humanist, BORKA, for human rights of women. and marginalizing groups in rural area. Her hobbies from an early age are reading, writing poetry, creativity, Hobby writing. First participation in the anthology "Dance with death", and then, regjale, Opa June 2021,, reseetrese 21 ,,, International Festival_Gostivar ,, Prayers 1200 ,, and the first independent Collection of Data Poetry, called ,, Imagination ,,. great enthusiast, sociability communicativeness, tirelessness, optimistic outlook on life rejoices and is satisfied with small things, draws themes and her inspiration is imagined 1st from the life of each individual, life, through encounters Communications come deep from the soul Painted on pieces of paper.


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