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Bitter dregs of life's elixir

just enough sweet to bury the bitter

small tastes of what is fine

to keep us going within our time


Love is not a convenient thing

when it disappears, the heart does sting

though full does it make everything

when gone sorrow and weeping


ashes to ashes, dust to dust

though bowed low in you I'll trust

you have torn away my shield

naked before you within your field


Oh cherished muse hear my cry

through falls of tears did loved one die

swayed and shaken by what I feel

hills and valleys and waves I reel


accursed is the lot of man

death destroys the golden strand

no resistance even strong here land

the mouth of grave does ever expand


Though I cherish knowledge of the future

currant cuts and pain beneath the suture

the loss and grief of present time

can make a woman lose her mind


All mankind of this chalice drink

It's liquid swallowed on the brink

ingested fluid in each man's hour

against it's draft has no man power


Imprisoned in death are family and friends

and some few have met kinder ends

into tombs and crypt and grave descends

and upon it's bed many confess their sins


Even those having been reborn

will face the coming of it's storm

our souls descended of this family tree

and you oh Jah will hold our memory


Into the dust our lives return

await the future for which we yearn

and sink we do into the maw of death

till times resurrection Son returns our breath


Every nation the memorial tombs do field

in it's demise our truths do yield

and to it's rest are all paths sealed

even those who to the truth have kneeled

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller

Via Duboff Law Group LLC





Where sleeps upon the shelf his violin

that in past with mournful tone he plucked

who woo’d a maiden fair and shaped within

the aria upon which ears had wanton supped


For now, that hollow wood become an empty thing

and days her strings had sang so lovingly

its heart now dead because of loss of dream

and want of fingers who play now grudgingly


Silent now the bow and string so smoothly licked

and caught the graceful tones upon her played

time did take its toll on misery sipped

where in past her elation’s joys has stayed


Gone now that audience who was his care

buried in the tomb with their mosses deep

the caress of the music they did share

where both now lay in their closets sleep


Twas grievous chords that last upon her sing

whose chorus stroked reception to the ground

since that place could not himself to bring

or bless that happy wood her joyful sound

COPYRIGHT © 2010 C Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC



Death Knell


Oh sing yon violin upon your strings

and play harps and lutes melodious things

come sooth my soul and for our losses

and shatter pain upon our bed of mosses


Dost thou dare to stay our hearts entwined

do cast your light and airy within our mind

so also to our agony do make us blind

where in time we shall life kinder find


Do misdirect my thoughts upon a fairer course

lead me now away from paths remorse

fail not to impart joy and from its source

and to the courts whats odious I do divorce


and there expire bitterness and mans afflictions

unto the burial sites with their benedictions

the ends of tribulations on the morrow

as I have some aspersion to this sorrow


Come twist your ropes do wrap in harmony

the golden strand in archetypes that be

fluid in the cups elixir we do drink

to shelter from woe and misery we sink


Clasp the inner man intone your song

return to us the living among our throng

embrace the consolation and hold what’s dear

for upon us all this place draws ever near

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC




C. MICHAEL MILLER. Poetry of Providence. Voracious reader, love ancient Historians and tracing ideology and belief systems, , love people of every sort even if I don't agree on lifestyle makes for good study and introduction to new ideas that of course must be researched. Profound interest in philosophy, art, science, history, and the great teachers whose words of wisdom have been so deftly passed down in time, complicated, temperamental, simple, thoughtful, inquisitive, love the deep woods and all of nature from earth to universe. Research on anything I want to learn, exploring new areas love the back roads into the hills, writing and screaming on paper. People watching, inciting others to think.

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