Monday, May 1, 2023



The Snake Sees All


You believe you are not seen.

A charming smile, a gentle demeanor.

People see you as a saint.


They do not see what the true self is.

What this all-seeing eye can see.

The true face under your dark.


Your deception is well rehearsed,

years of practicing on the people.

They cannot see what the truth is.


This snake, you do not know,

is able to feel your deceitful aura.

It radiates from your skin.


You will be discovered in time.

Until that day know

I feel the person you truly are.

This snake sees all.




Looking around,

seeing sights and having thoughts

that may make others quiver.

however, sadly, give me zero surprise.

The saddest things a person can see

do not make my emotions blink anymore.

My senses have become numb.


Every day, I watch the international news.

I see headlines and images

of torture, shootings, panic and destruction

in every corner of the world.

I barely raise an eyebrow.

People’s heartache has no effect.

My emotions have become numb.


Walking around our downtown streets,

watching folks hideaway

in little, corner alley ways.

They are using the privacy

to fill their bodies with chemicals

that may end up in their death

in the exact same spot.

Numb to these scenes.


Morning gunfire right outside my home,

five doors down from me,

sirens filled the air,

two arrested, two hurt.

I watched this without a hiccup.

Did not stop the morning coffee.

Surrounding exploits have made me numb.


See so much all around

that does not make my heart race

or make my eyes look up.

Unsure if it is age or experience.

I do know anyone

is capable of anything.

There are not any surprises.

I am not lifeless as I see this.

I am numb.


Nothing Man


He has been scoping

the cluttered room for hours,

waiting for the best victim.

A lady that has had enough

to lose her inhibitions

and be easily agreeable.

In his mind, he is not taking

advantage of a tipsy mind

even when she wakes in the morning

not knowing what happened

or where she is.

He is not a man, he is nothing.


He quietly grips his household,

and guards with a silent, angry demeanor.

His subtle words cut all around deep.

Making the family feel

that they will never grow and succeed.

There is a dark aura of control

in the tight grip.

Never letting the rest feel good.

Hiding finances,

allowing only small allowances.

All about the under the thumb control.

He is not a man, he is nothing.


He thinks he is superior

then all around him.

Self-satisfying smile on his face,

thinking no one can

see or feel the arrogance.

Only being kind when he can use

the hearts of any other.

It is never his fault.

That is his manipulative legacy.

He is not a man, he is nothing.


He withholds his money and time

since being asked to leave the home

to get his own control still.

He never reserves to see the children

or help pay for their growing.

Not his issue, he believes.

If all of that should be given,

then he should be in the home.

Those are his thoughts, punishment.

He is not a man, he is nothing.




ANDREW SCOTT: Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB. During his time as an active poet, Andrew Scott has taken the time to speak in front of classrooms, judge poetry competitions, and have over 200 hundred writings published worldwide in such publications as The Art of Being Human, Battered Shadows and The Broken Ones. Andrew Scott has published multiple poetry books, Snake with A Flower, The Phoenix Has Risen, The Path, The Storm Is Coming, Whispers of the Calm, Searching and Letter To You, a novella, Redemption Avenue and a book of photography, Through My Eyes. A Walk-Through Time is Andrew Scott’s second book of photography


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