Monday, May 1, 2023



Mardy Gales


Mardy gales pick up

Small, tender flower plants

Earth’s numerous insects

And uproots fruit trees


Little things popping up green, red

Nature’s gift to population

When levelled finer plants

Leaking aroma and fragrance


Mardy high gales no new fear

They rule under thunders, lightning and rains

Mardy gales rush from oceanic depression


It swoops with fatal calamity

Met office can forecast

But cannot spike them


Mardy high gales despite its havoc

Seem welcome to people


It havoc disrupts

Can rebirth be far behind.


Cherry Orchards In Sunset


Cherry orchards in sunset

Greedy traders invade

Intruders letch after

Broken wigs

Cherry falls

Flock of birds pick

And track skyline


Bat look spectres

Tenebrous orchards groan

Shiver pale cherry orchards

Skylarks whistling above

But sky falls not


Cherry orchards on sale


An era ending

Grief no solace

Tenacity lacks

Dream cherry orchards

See apocalypse


The sun sets.




Unemployment and poverty

Steal our liberty

This is a cruel zone

Times of flying drones


Modern times full of cruelty

Shouts and howls split mentality


We are passing

Through a zone

Either we cross or fall


Hungry tide howling

To take revengeful toll.


ANUSHNA BISWAS: Doctorate in English from University of Calcutta, Former Lecturer in Dept of English Rabindra Bharati University Distance Education, Literary Critic and Poet, penned down many books of literary criticisms on fictions, as a poet contributed to Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Dumpster FirePress: Voices From Fire, The Kali Project published by Indie(Blue) Publishing House, Pennsylvania, US and many other International Online Poetry Journals, Awarded Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation by Global Poetry Forum, Nigeria and United Poets@Heart UPAH, Paris, France.

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