Monday, May 1, 2023





there is still a spark

given in the thimble of the world

where there is no in-between

beyond the horizon of touch


tamed time ignites a fire

Nothing special

just a flash of ignorance

and relief at the limit of existence


presence only in meaning

grasped hand

which restores the erring reality

trapped in the senses


She Didn't Want To Be Polite Anymore


she left with a backpack of swollen words

already smelling faintly of deficiencies

it only left some really fucked up moments

and an old yellowed piece of paper on which she had scribbled

one word too many


the clouds gathered in formation

a storm was coming

chapped lips

dreams wove the remnants of discolored mists

as if they wanted to tell her something


she wasn't an emotional freak

she sat on the side

between sips of your favorite tea

she completely lost her sense of guilt


though waiting became illogical

on his birthday

she giggled like she was crazy

and the rain soaked those stigmata


A World Of Secrets


you may not believe me

but behind a sapphire-colored door

between today and yesterday

in the haze of dreams or perhaps waking

where angels spend their nights

inhabited by people with exceptional souls


you can recognize them by their twinkling tears

they are like colored glasses worn under the heart

sometimes I see their shiny feather tips

dipped in sky-colored ink

what they soak into their poems

and smoothly leaving the fingers beyond the usual frames

they cannot be tamed


as if with the rustle of leaves, they shake off their dreams

to the strokes of tireless waiting

catch sadness along with happiness

and fix them with your hands

to be just before dawn

smiling at the angels

give away the phenomenon of written loneliness


when you ask what I'm doing here

I will say thank you to God for his goodness

and I enjoy the friendly silence

like I couldn't get enough of her

still wanting more

I'm writing another poem




ANNA WITKOWSKA was born on 01/11/1973, graduated from the Agricultural University at the Faculty of Chemical Wood Technology, additionally completed postgraduate studies in the field of Quality Management at the University of Economics and Social Psychology at SWPS. Professionally, he deals with the implementation and maintenance of management systems. She began her adventure with poems with a rhyming multiplication table for her daughters who had to go through this stage of mathematics at school. In 2019, she started publishing on the E-literaci forum and in the same year she took part in two workshop competitions, taking first place in both. In 2022 she was admitted to the Association of Polish Authors. He is a co-author of the 9th Anthology "Obcowanie" and the 10th Anthology "Words in which an echo sounds". In 2020, she made her debut with the publication of poems collected in the volume "Drabina", while in 2022 she published the volume "Dotyk". In 2023, she took part in a workshop competition on the E-literaci portal, taking the first place. He is currently working on the next volume.


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