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Slowly I was drawn

Into the embrace

The embrace of ocean

And it’s oceanic emotions


What was my existence!

A feeble biological signature only, in its mighty arms of waves

I was floating merely like a zoo-plankton

Under the direction and whims of its mighty whirlpool

For the very first time I realized my insignificance

Against its vastness

Other than surrendering myself

To the time and its tide of emotive emotions

No better option I could have opt for


Yet, I can’t say its because of, my longing love for vastness of blue

Or, it’s the impressive impression, the vastness’ impressed me without any clue


I was drawn further and farther

Near to nearer

Close to closer

Deep to deeper

To the intense embrace

To an ultimate confinement

Where my breathing was submerged completely

I became unheard to myself


I felt as if I’m a tiny star

Where my move is completely compromised

By the overwhelming gravity of the gravitational force

Of my sheltering galaxy

I didn’t have a say, other than falling into its whirlpool of emotions

And automatically dragged into it



I didn’t hesitate

I didn’t hesitate at all, neither I struggled

Rather easily I allowed myself

To slip into its ever longing blue embrace

Keeping my calm eyes engaged with its fascinating deep horizon

I embraced the entire ocean

In my oceanic mind

And all of a sudden

Ocean started surrendering its soul to me

The waves parted making my way

In mid of the ocean

Parts of the ocean were trickling down from the tip of my long tresses and curls

I walked to my shore being invincible against the vastness

Holding its gifted heart and soul in mine.

Copyright©Dr. Gita Mohanty


A Beautiful Mismatch


Dr. Gita Mohanty


You feel, at your level

And I, at my level

You say, whatever you feel

And I don’t reveal

Easily you express

Uneasily I maintain my silence

Your expressions are instant

My thoughts are even hesitant

For you, words are free

For me they are costly

You spend them anyway

I think, if at all I can pay

You just say

But I weigh


Before I say

I ask the wish and intentions of each word

I cheek my affordability afterwards

I weigh them in balance

I put them in different equations

I confirm with my hesitations

I console my emotions

I unheard the provocations

I take permission, from the situation

I do all the estimations

Then I check with the time

That, is it the right time to say something!

But you are like an unruly wild storm

Without any direction, without much of concern

Your expressions are spontaneous like a fountain

And my words sit on the meditation, often

Your faults are always by default

About pros and cons, I think a lot


You admire the painting

And I feel the intensities of the paints behind

You see the abstract and appreciate

I pay attention to the signature and gauge the emotions of the artist in the portrait

Casually you live in a moment, in an instant

Careful I connect the dots and I live beyond that


You are obvious and spontaneous

And I’m reserved and judicious

You go by heart

And I prefer to go by mind

We both are of different kinds

Your aspect

And my prospect

Always a beautiful mismatch!

Copyright©Dr. Gita Mohanty




I’m not that roasted premium black bean coffee, happily you would grind me

Or I’m not lying in cafeteria also, where easily you can pick me,

I’m not a cappuccino or mocha,

That you would just sip me,

Neither am I your coffee or lait,

That you would simply mix me,

Not even the evaporating flavor you see,

Closing your eyes, your passionate nose would be able to kiss me


I’m not a spoon of sugar or a cube of saccharine,

You can assimilate my sweetness by swirling and twirling,

My persistent existence, it’s impossible to dissolve me,

I’m certainly not the fancy and glossy cream you can layer me,

You would relish and glare me,

I’m not your instant coffee,

As and when you wish, you can have me


I’m not any transparent presentable cup,

Holding me certainly you shouldn’t hope

I’m not the piping heat of it’

To give the warmth to your raw emotions’ outfit,

Neither I’m the cold coffee, my iced nature for soothing you a bit


Rather I’m the solitude soul of it,

The caffeine,

That predominant intense bitter feeling,

That monarchist queen,

I’m not to be ruled,

I’m here for ruling,

That inherent intoxication,

keep you awakened and remind,

I’m not to be opted,

Quit me in order to sustain,

Allowing you your life, you need to maintain.

Copyright©Dr. Gita Mohanty


Silent Embrace



Full of essence


Full of voidness


Full of blankness


Full of null-ness


Full of emptiness


Full of nothingness

All these comprises a beautiful world

Conveying all the meaning

Only between You and me

That ever persistent keenness

And also, that ever lingering aloofness

To the world

It may be meaningless

But You only know it

That’s my solace in Your silent embrace.

Copyright©Dr. Gita Mohanty




A pause

A sudden stop!

A stretched time

Beyond its elasticity of endurance

As if an incomplete task

Simply dropped out from the memory

A silence

Way louder than voice

Is void being something like unheard noise!


A void in a blank look

A void in the mind

A void in relations

A void in the cosmos

A void in the universe

A void in me

And a void you see


A void in life

A void in death

A void in afterlife

A void in between the lives

Or in void, exists the chunks of lives

Or the underlying string itself is the void and everything else are the beads on it


For a silent conversation

With whom!

The self

The ignorant self

Or the knower of consciousness

Whoever they, what do they say



Layers of emotions

Folded carefully

Like ironed clothes

Finally, after the last layer

Digging down the time

Hunting all the memories

Beyond everything,

Finally, a see-through void!


Or as if earth’s core

Deeper and deeper

Towards the center

The inner core

Too much of pressure

Solid like body, molten like heart and emotions in vapor

And what’s in vapor

Except void!


Or like a cosmic sphere

An undefined aloofness

A wondering inquisitiveness

Forced down

To witness the utter void!


Or a black hole

Mighty gravitational force

Pulling everything towards itself

To devour everything

To vanish the existence

For a complete

Void of nothingness

And again, to regenerate everything, out of nothing!

Copyright©Dr. Gita Mohanty




GITA MOHANTY is an assistant Biology professor in USA, Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India, and post-doctorate from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, in Environmental Science and Engineering. She is a passionate poetry writer, with a compassionate heart and beautiful mind. She has written more than one thousand five hundred (1500) poems so far and many are published in various online poetry forums/platforms, literary web magazines, e-journals and several anthologies. Poetry to her is an inner conversation with her own soul, who believes in free flowing and spreading smile across. She also likes painting, photography, reading, philosophy and interacting with nature. She is motivated in serving the unprivileged and presently working for the visually impaired and economically challenged student’s college/university higher education support and their self-sustenance. She believes, unconditional love and compassion are the most elegant characteristics of a true being.


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