Monday, May 1, 2023



God's Power


There is such a powerful light within us.

Given directly from God.

Sometimes it goes out in us.

When the road is covered with evil.


When instead of goodness of heart.

We continue to defile our existences.

Sometimes the light goes out in us,

When we hurt other creatures.


God's mighty white light.

It beams from us so far away.

The Lord God, after all, is very Great.

He invites us, He is still waiting for us.


He tries to bring us back again,

When we get too far away.

And to the right path He directs. 

We still run away in fear.


Bless The Lord


Bless my feet Lord,

That they serve me faithfully.

So that all healthy they are always.

And lead me to my goal.


Bless Lord my eyes.

May they look at the world with love.

May they see its beauty.

And may they radiate joy.


Bless my lips, Lord,

May they always praise You.

Let them sing songs of thanksgiving to You.

They speak words full of strength.


Bless my ears, Lord,

That they may hear Your words.

So that, Lord God, for Your coming

I was always ready.




IRENA MAŁGORZATA BIELSKA: She is a Polish poet, a woman of many passions and interests. Co-author of several Anthologies and Poetry Almanacs, lover of nature, animals, especially cats. A lover of crocheting and cooking. Interested in spirituality and deepening knowledge, loves good literature. She has an account on Instagram under the hashtag #zpoezjawtle.


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