Monday, May 1, 2023



The Road To The Heart


The road to the heart is somehow the toughest,

It faintly opens the door for love,

Even a trifle would make it delicate,

Being considered special.


There are always some unpronounced words,

The hidden enigma,

When the blood ruffles through the body,

And the hot-tempered word relentlessly hits everywhere.


The road to the heart is somehow different

The breath often stops here,

The look itself is more notable,

And the effort is harder to hide the fear.


Time is always needed,

It does not leave the space for a thought and breath,

It pressures like a burden,

And the tears are replaced by a spate of rain…

The road to the heart is somehow the toughest,

Uncertainty is ever present and swirls through questions,

Sometimes the fragile soul gets the chills from the unknown,

While waiting for the new promising dawns…


When that road is conquered,

The numb message is sent just because,

Calmness finds its place in the heart

And wandering no longer exists…


You Love Me In Your Own Way


You love me in your own way,

Without a backup and conditioning,

Every moment you show me how much I mean to you,

It is called love, a spectrum of colored feelings...


You love me differently,

Without egoism and vanity,

Our luck has no face, nor resemblance,

We love each other the same during the days of distress.


You love me the way I am,

Without illusions or comparisons,

This is why our life is miraculous and simple.


Each and every touch is like a promise,

a trace of thrill...

You love me when I am about to get ill,

And when the unpleasantness is knocking on the door.


Our love is like a protest

There’s no future without it...

You love me in your own way,

And the emotions are reciprocated.


Every gesture of yours says how much you value me,

Every wink is colored with lust and wish...

Your love makes me a happy woman...


You Make Me Feel Special


You make me feel special,

I feel less scared when I am with you,

You make me happy with the littlest things,

It is like I exist because of you.


You make me different

I find the harbor in your eyes,

sometimes I feel more significant,

while I feel your hand in mine.


You are someone who means a lot to me,

Someone who knows how to calm

the restlessness of the soul with a hug,

there is something that attracts me to you

like a flower that attracts butterflies.


A gentle look is enough to me,

Silent whisper is like music close to the ear,

this is when my life resembles a dream,

While the stardust keeps our secrets...


You make me feel special,

Each and every touch of yours is full of bliss,

You are watching over my dream,

Of this...I am aware.


I became like this because of you

The love is guilty,

I touched your soul with mine,

And it shows my emotions with rhyme...


You make me feel special,

I stopped counting the days,

The littlest things make me happy,

I exist because of you.




SNEŽANA ŠOLKOTOVIĆ is a classroom teaching teacher. For her, writing is a hobby. She has published poems and stories for children and adults in 35. books: in Serbian, Serbo- Romanian, Serbian-Russian, Serbian-English. She has received numerous awards in international competitions, many poems are present in national and foreign anthologies, collections and magazines.

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