Monday, May 1, 2023



Gothic Romance


Dream and dance, dream and dance

As tango through the turquoise tide.

Dream, dream, flying at the flower's glance

As tango through the turquoise tide,

Keeping   bumblebees in trance.

Mountain brooks in sunshine glance,

Glance and trickle their path to hide.

Love me, sweetheart, stay with me in this Gothic romance.


Romance me and stay, romance me and stay.

Do you hear the whistle's wonderful song?

Stay, stay, tonight we may search the milky way.

Do you hear the whistle's wonderful song?

Wonderfully weird whistling demands the light of the day.

So let the tears go and they will flow away,

And stay with me, when love may be so strong.

Just stay with me, sweetheart, love me in this Gothic romance.


The Blue Of His Face


This angular house

is flooded with silence and solitude

the blue of his sad face

is a photograph

hidden in the darkness,

whether 'tis love

in my dreamless sleep

or 'tis suffering in my sleepless dream...


Night Cafe-Van Gogh

(Ekphrastic Poetry)


Van Gogh wanted to mix a material rainbow of colors

From primary red, yellow and blue in the sense of the divine.

In the Holy Light, the love theme of the flower clock discolors.

The empty glasses on the tables lack the Holy wine.


The ideal round tables assume their infinite regress,

While huddling down in a stupor the lonely men around.

Their eyes do not see the sense of life and true noblesse.

From a corner view, silent colors search for the sound.


Tables for awakening, for life and for fate's game.

In life, a complete circled awareness needs time.

In many forms, the epitome of the stableness is the same.

It keeps a purple silence for the painted mother of thyme.


This irreconcilable demon -woman hung on the left wall

Needs that freedom engraved on the emerald green door.

The watch on her hand shows the time for a masked ball.

Destined never to meet are the parallel lines on the floor.


Love is for completing the time as pink is for the emerald green.

In the mirror, this nuance of green reflects the sadness of life.

Against the red, pink and white, in games, the cue tip can win,

Because all the main complementary colors are at strife.


The white coat of the waiter is a symbol in the glow of the lamp.

The perspective looks somewhat downward toward the floor.

Extending to new dimensions, Eve sits or she just up to vamp.

The flowers wither and life disappears after an endless war.




MARIETA MAGLAS: The Oddville Press, Sybaritic Press, Prolific Press, Silver Birch Press, Ardus Publications, Dashboard Horus, and some others published the poems of Marieta Maglas in anthologies like Near Lin: A Collection of Words and Art Inspired by Octavia Estelle Butler, The Oddville Press Summer 2018, Nancy Drew Anthology: Writing&Art Featuring Everybody's Favorite Female Sleuth, Three Line Poetry, Tanka Journal, The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry, edited by Yossi Faybish, who edited, also, her poetry book, Cubic Words. She is a co-author for A Divine Madness: An Anthology of Modern Love Poetry, Enchanted- Love Poems and Abstract Art, and some other anthologies.


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