Monday, May 1, 2023



Why I Should Love Thee


Why should I love thee

Caused by the mystery

None of the leaves knows

It is His right to remind


All creatures are in glorius

That should be noticed

As long as the sea not dried

What I mean is right


What you think is not same

I think it twice

There are two streets passed by

And I choose one on the right


I saw there is no one straight

But I have to be smart to think

I try on another day

That seems no same as I mean


I come to choose the one I believe

That makes thy heart to keep in

Before I sleep in the evening

Before I sleep in the evening


I may not let thy life be empty

Since life is once for survive

Let's think for trice

Before this world will be collapsed


Love  Is In The Precious Decade


You are a bunch of flowers in thy life,

which never fades away

No worry I feel

No worry how proud I am

From time to time I remember always


But what are you missing

Your smile is like the moonlight in thy life

Whenever I travel by, I remember I remember

Your lips looks like a red red rose


Never I see to be concealed

I wonder why it is going away

It is hard to grasp with my hands

My feeling is near the bank


To fall down without a help

Where are you now, my dear

The love is never missing

Till the sea is drying

Till the earth is collapsed

Till my soul is flying


My verse is in the real state

What is thy false

To remember who you are

To acknowledge what I wish


But you are in the silent as I see

With no respond to clap

Only anger from the wandering cloud

That smiling moon appears with no lightning


You Are As Bird In Thy Life


You are as bird in thy life

To stay on the steam of trees

To sing a song of love in the morning

To remind me when I get up


In this month you remind me in the love

That nature is a part of thy love

No wonder how I feel amazing

Since the world is whispering


To say how beautiful landscape is

Which spreads under the sky

To imagine the authority

The God is smiling to gaze


Everybody is fully in the sharp eyes

To compare with what man does in the lives

Without thinking much uselessly

As the poem elaborates


Once In The Love


When the love is not in the hot sun

The leaves of trees will be smiling

Caused all creatures needs to love

How can I catch the love


It should be from the bottom of heart

To make feeling be out from the nerves

That love is really looks like the flowers

It grows in the spring


But what to do if it runs away

No heart to ressist

Since it is the diamond of life

That seems to be a fact of lives


Let's keep love in each feeling of us

Without having doubt

That makes the earth be well fresh

All creatures are in the love


As long as the earth belongs to us

As long as the moon provides its lighting

The streets are bright to pass

Before the rain comes down




SIAMIR MARULAFAU:  He is an Assoc. Prof at the Faculty of Vocation, University of Sumatra Utara, Medan-Indonesia. He has been teaching English language and literature since 1985. Besides teaching, he also conducted researches and presented them to universities around such as in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and some other places in his country. He belongs to a group of OPA writing poems in English. He had published 2 poems anthologies in English and 7 anthologies  in Indonesian language.

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