Monday, May 1, 2023





I started from scratch

One would mind me not

Yes, I was just a nobody

I had proven nothing in me

Yet, I found ways to denote better

I open myself to learn and share

Untruthful thoughts, I deviated myself

It wouldn't help in my call for progress

I kept writing from my simplistic heart

I struggled, but never I halted because of love

Selfishness was never a piece I loved to pick

I waltzed with the vision of my ink's magic

I learned from friends with minds so broad

Never I skip my duty behind my heavy load

I wanted to taste the pinnacle of my being

No negativity burdens me to flock my wings

Pains entwined me, yet with all my might, I soar

They embedded to strengthen my sincerest core

When I thought of quitting, those hardships abound

I diverted my thoughts for my eventuality to sprout

I delve into finding ways to heal where I bruised

I told myself I could make it by my shrewd

Never I mind my dreams far from truth latitude

Every time I fell, I rose, I learned in plenitude

Oh, please stop these tears raining on my face!

Was it because of blues or the triumphs I cherish?

Have you forgotten my profound and intense strength?

Exceptional it was! To my confidence, it blends!

Only my faith was my powerful armament and tool.

To execute all those arduous steps to be possible

I have thrown those pains to the verdant bushes

I don't want anymore to hold those and reminisce

I give worth and value the crown unseen on my head

I am a gleaming existence in flamboyant being guided

I am now trying to hush and calm my dexterous pen

At this moment, my paper is starting to dampen

My plight looked like treading my steps into a thin string

Paper can't even handle the catastrophes I am scratching




I am bursting the merit of my heart's rustle

sprung with a passion with such laudable

whirls with my soul's profound fascination

teemed by a love of several expression


I pause, I think, my pulses shiver and roll

a passion that welled the tears of my soul

I began to shout my heart, feel my whole

my ink long reticence is now unstoppable


These may be just words I scribble to express

to a blank paper hunger of my heart's lyrics

the intenseness of its gravity gives ablaze

ornamenting my heart's obscurest craze


My pen now waltzing like twirling dervishes

relishing the freedom of heart that speaks

embrace me so tight, greet my splashing ink

into your pleasant being, welcome its magic


The depth of my Passion can be so powerful.

I moan the mystical desire from its very core

Its tunes brought me to places I never thought

The fire within melts my heart and yours both


Look At Me Now


Upon watching the innocent, silent water on that rocky river

I paused to contemplate what life wants to bring me over.

I was uncertain, uncontented like them and many others.

Keenly I observed life, pondering how to make it better.


My thoughts flowed like a lonely cascade of a scarce stream.

I wasn't equipped to conquer such dearth, unto me came.

There were a lot of hurdles that barred me along my way.

There were a lot of questions like why pink turns grey.


Life had to go on, and diligently it has to be learned.

Promising as it moved on, in our breath, it blends

There were times we had roller-coaster emotions.

We rode its uncertainties and its ups and downs.


One time, my heart delved me to places, never I envisioned to be

I flubbed as I tried to rest from shouldering the heftiness I carry

I tried waltzing gracefully to the rocking music of this world.

I footed into the utopias and let myself float in a high cloud.


Yet my life shambled, had nowhere to go and no one to run to.

Except for the kind God who was observing  me as I go and fro

I set everything into Him and prayed to enable me to outlive.

As I paved to continue my journey in inspiring others, I glide.

Love in our hearts is the main component to make them brighter.

I believe trust is the foremost element to make life evolves finer.

We only live once in life, let's make our lives worth living.

Forgiveness is what we need and peace within is found again.


Look at me now., smiling with my tranquil heart.

In this life, forever I will be grateful and truly glad.

Wishing to hug my dearest friends and kiss their pains

Whilst in the devotion of my sparkling-colored pens





HELEN SARITA is a Filipino poet who is the founder of the Filipino Poets in Blossoms and IPPT, the International Poets Praying Together. She is also one of the administrators of the Passion of Poetry. She is an entrepreneur, a mother of 6, and a grandmother of 6 kiddos. She is the author of two books, Speaking Heart Vol. 1 It’s About Time & Vol.2 Language of Love. Sarita is the CEO of M.E Publications, where she publishes Blossoms Journal International Magazine under its wing. She is also a MEBS (Mother Eagle Blossoms Show), where she interviews poets, local and international. She has interviewed more than 50 poets since she started the show. Here are my poems below that I am giving OPA a permission to publish:


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