Monday, May 1, 2023




My great star traveler

who calls you to the heavenly valley?

Who wants to lift you up

in the starship's beak?

Who wants to touch your transparent dreams,

the incomparable

corals of your soul to collect?

Like a universal river you flow

between wet stones

and dry space rocks

Climb as high as you can

Don't wonder who's calling you

It may be your conscience or your fear,

It may be some fallen angel  or your own self

None of your business

Just upload

Hold tightly the memory

of your secret origin

Pick up your pieces and leave

in other constellations, in other galaxies

There to raise new crosses for your Ego


Journey To Infinity 


In a vector of light years

they pass slowly in front of me

landscapes and colors with smells,

saying goodbye to the departing world

I'm taking off in my starship

in the dreams of the universal night

I cross orbit engraved

with bloodstains and wounded evenings

I see the shadows in Earth's polluted eyes

My embrace is the cradle of unrequited desires

The wind of the quest is pushing

my starship furiously

I am beginning to understand the meanings

of the ancient scriptures

for worlds far away in the depths of space,

for strange cities on the edge of infinity,

for undead civilizations on the edge of chaos,

for indestructible homelands of ancient gods

in the undead dreamlands of the Universe

I visualize the burning torches

of my mental consciousness and

of the bottomless truth within me

I transcend infinity


Otherworld Angels


Our starships travel

to the promised Land of visions,

the hopeful heavenly Edem

In the eternal night

they meander among crystalline comets

We breathe dreams , clouds of life  far away,

in the depths of the galaxy

in the depths of the galaxy

We shake the rocks

of space from our feet

We bow our proud necks

in the majesty of the gods

of mental consciousness


We move our flexible legs

in elegant pirouettes of stillness

From the stars we steal life-giving light

We are transformed into living torches

of spiritual primal fire,

into flaming angels with heavenly flutes

in their mouths,

like vast forms of an intelligent god,

first colonists of infinity

who are coming from an ancient planet

The other planets will frisk now

from otherworldly music

of our long-suffering heart




Blessed companion, how I admire you!

You are the elusive levitation of my deepest dreams


You are the place where I adore

the only truth of my desires

You are a unique being

you are not afraid of the strong wind

You are the veil of my memory which circling me with warmth

Sometimes you hurt yourself

Sometimes you leave your light

to invade my slow moving cells

It is my great happiness

to deal with your nerves and shyness

It is your mistakes the whole epic of Homer

If I'm being fair to you

time and my choices will judge me

I see you in motion sickness

But don't be sad!

Sadness doesn't suits you

Take your own way and I will follow you

with heavy dragging step

Besides, it’s no rush for us to conquer the world .     

There is plenty of time to amaze the crowds




CHRISTOS DIKBASANIS is a poet, writer and scholar of religions. He was born in Thessaloniki, where he graduated from the Theological School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He holds a Master's Degree (MTh) in Religious Studies. His poems and essays have been presented in many literary magazines, print and electronic. Many of his poems have been dramatized by the theatrical groups. Also, Christos Dikbasanis  has been included in the “GREAT  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MODERN GREEK LITERATURE of HARI PATSI publications”, as well as in the "WHO'S WHO" of journalists. He has participated with his texts in collective works and anthologies. He has been honored with important national and international awards.


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