Tuesday, February 1, 2022





Only The Moon Knows


Only the moon knows how much we loved each other

we didn't really want this evil ..

Our love in its reflection was carried away by the white seagull to the waters of the North Sea,

down to the Bosnian mountains ..


We longed for the old days

our flowers and every spring ..

We dreamed of clear rivers

that seventy-some remained in my soul ..


Everything that was beautiful lasted a short time

our dreams and our guardian moon are dead,

the white gull also died, and so did the place

where we met ..


Our country and humanity died with it

springs have died in my heart ..


An empty soul like a desert

sad heart as alms,

life hopes to dawn again some blue dawn ..


A new country will be loved

love will be born,

lilacs will bloom

those fragrant flowers, sometime in the spring ..


He will be embalmed to survive forever, to never stop ... somewhere, sometimes permanently and endlessly ..


New loves will come to life, new people

those most beautiful flowers al’nas will not be ..



My Eternity


You are my flower

and my whole world,

tulips that bloom

sister to no one

neda te.


You're my spring

summer and autumn,

and the winter is cold

you are my world

the most beautiful flowers.


You're my aspirin

when I get restless,

you are my soul

eternal peace.


You're my morning

at dawn,

you are my friend

every day.


You are my heart

and my soul,

life with you

he goes and listens.


You are my light

and my joy,

my home

dear guest.


You are my star

shining night

which lives forever

in my room.

You are mine

and mine to me

all there

to eternity.




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