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Let It Happen


Let the sun comes on

and inflame our soul,

let the wind blows without hesitation

on dry and ancient emotions.


Let the moon peeps

as the light drowns in the evening,

what stars shine like fireflies,

reflecting emotions in our eyes.


Let it be love,

that it is unique and natural passion,

that burns eternally and slowly

like burning embers.


Let that feeling germinates,

that it takes root in depth

and that it puts strong and mighty

roots in our hearts.


Let it happens

and that it is still love. 

Author: Concetta La Placa © All rights reserved.





When the day sinks in

into oblivion,

a great void takes hold

of my heart.


And, then, I run away

from myself,

and among the memories I look for you,

there, where there is your essence ...


But there is none of you

no trace

and not even anymore

the shadow of your love.


Only the sad moon

stunned and it is silent

with me.

Author: Concetta La Placa © all rights reserved.



A Lonely Green Bench


it is silent in the park.

It is there now as then

in the continuous alternation

of thunderstorms and sunshine.

it waits, in vain,

the return of those

our days of love,


It is a bench that,

in perennial suspension,

it lets himself be cloaked

to be colored and scattered

autumn leaves,

to cheer up

the gray patina

of melancholy,

which, for years, has enveloped it.


Having reviewed it,

I have awareness

that, the unstoppable

time, even if it will sweep away

the last experience of a disillusioned reality,

it will never be able to disperse

that ancient passion

that unites us for eternity.

Author: Concetta La Placa © all rights reserved.




CONCETTA LA PLACA: The author Concetta la Placa was born in Caltanissetta on 30/07/1960, but lives in Rome. Since she was a child she has always shown that she has a creative nature. After obtaining the scientific high school diploma, the author also obtained a four-year degree from the University of Trieste in Administration and Management of Social Policies, at the Faculty of Education. From 1991 to 2006 he carried out his activity in the socio-health field at an ASL in Sicily, dealing with socio-health problems in the field of mental illness and drug addiction, then in the field of Health Education and '' Active Reception of Clandestine Immigrants in Healthcare, but, above all, in the primary prevention of adolescence. Since May 2006, after moving to Rome, she has continued to deal with social issues, working in particular in the field of promoting the Rights of the Child and Adolescent at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. Since February 2018 she has been involved in the promotion of the measure of the Inclusion Income and then of the Citizenship Income for the Contrast of Poverty at the General Direction of the Fight Against Poverty of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies in Rome. Despite she having left her Sicily for fifteen years to move to the capital, the author keeps the memory of her beloved island intact in her heart and feels that her roots are always and still firmly rooted in her hometown. She Loves literature and poetry. She loves reading very much and, in her spare time, she delights in practicing creative writing and above all in writing verses, trying to capture on paper all the emotions that vibrate inside her heart, to transmit them, in an underground way, to her readers. Every time she pauses in front of the sea, or she finds herself admiring a sunset or sees the sunrise, she perceives love and she tries to immortalize those moments of fleeting enchantment, blocking her emotions, not with a photo, but with good verses. She has participated in several poetry competitions on the Italian and international scene, with good results and merit awards. Many of his poems are still unpublished. In December 2020 she published her first collection, entitled "Cosmic Love And Emotions In The Wind", through the Munir Mezyed Foundation for Arts and Culture Romania. Munir Mezyed is the great Jordanian-Palestinian poet, in existence, still in the running for the Nobel Prize for Culture, Peace and Dialogue between Religions. The Silloge was published in two versions: the Kindle version and the paper version and is on sale on the Amazon platform. It is a collection of 55 poems, all connected by a single "fil rouge" which is that of Cosmic Love, that is, an extraordinary, unique and powerful form of love. Cosmic Love, for the author, is nothing more than a relationship or an indescribable emotion for the little things that surround us in this immensity. It is love for simplicity, for the beauty of nature; it is the overwhelming love between a man and a woman, enriched only by pure emotions that are inevitably intertwined with true and genuine feelings.

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