Tuesday, February 1, 2022





Lost And Found Myself


I often find myself,

In the noiseless banters,

Fierce arguments,

Meaningless dialogues,

With my own mind.

Does it always happen?

To people who are crazily insane,

May be confused,

Even a bit abnormal,

I guess a lot of times,

I am even branded as one above,

And sometimes all of the above,

But all that I am trying to do,

Is to weave my dreams and thoughts,

Into my writings though my verses.

I get lost and then find myself back through my verses.

I do hope I make some sense to the world through them,

As all I try is to resonate and connect with other minds.

Ebb And Flow Of Emotions


The verses flow seamlessly

In the mind through the heart inside

To paint a beautiful world outside

Sometimes to camouflage

The dingy alleys of my heart

To try and smile effortlessly

As the world smiles with one

Who knows to smile with the world

Sometimes just holding a drop of tear in the eye

Before it starts to roll down

Just like a single droplet hanging on a leaf

After a heavy downpour

Letting the sun shine through

Making it look bright and beautiful.

Echoes Of Silence


My silence echoes louder than my words

 As my inner whispers become coherent.

Thoughts tip-toe into my chaotic mind

 Stirring the dust of silence.

Quietly and calmly settling down,

In a muted mode.

The silent sobs are camouflaged,

With the sound of the waves.

When the waves crash against the shores,

 Splashing water droplets on my face,

My tears continue to flood my eyes,

 And roll down my cheeks slowly.

The sea water washes my rolling tears,

 Both dripping together in my mouth,

 Giving me a taste of salt,

As I continue to sit,

Engulfed by the mighty waves,

Fully drenched from inside out,

Embracing me, comforting me,

Reassuring me that I am not alone.

The sea and I share our endless stories,

Away from the big world in our little world.




MADHUMITA SINHA is an HR professional with a MBA in HR with a deep love for poetry, painting and Photography. The three P’s are her source of joy and happiness. She is a published author of the poetry book ‘Heartbeats’ and ‘Bits and pieces of me ‘and also has contributed to numerous International and national literary journal and anthologies. She is also part of 10 anthologies so far and is writing for 2 more international anthologies this year. She is a well-known face in Mumbai poetry circles. She is an HR professional.

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