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You And Me


Love! Since you do not love me

You take the elixir of my love

As the venom of your own heart

That penetrates into our souls!


You swim in the depths of hatred

Your perception of me is eclipsed

In the court of mist and it’s jury

Combined with dire fire and fury


But your beauty works wonders

For me like a soothing balm, or

Some song melodic, enchanting

I am always loyal to you, unlike


You, for sure! Despite knowing

About your crushes, endeavors

I can not steal myself from your

Spell and captivating persona


I am charmed but could not be

Able to charm you in my dreams

But for a while only until you saw

Me and got disillusioned maybe


You called me an obsessive blue

Butterfly which has got stuck in

Your breath and pierced across

Your heart like the cupids arrow


I’m the journey of your life though

I have been in your breaths every

Step of your way, all along. Like

Bloodstream in your heartbeats


Whoever touches me gets famous

I support every one but you doubt

My intentions. Those who awarded

Me themselves got recognition


Through my books and my name

As I published those certificates

Which will remain a part of books

I never forget anything or favours


Since I love you, thinking of you

Blooms flowers in all my being

Rainbow spreads over the world

Spring shines in me with music


When I am down, just looking at

Your magnificent pictures makes

My day wonderful and pleasant

I miss you, have blind faith in you


I know you loved me too much

Then venomous eyes caught us

They wrote ugly words about us

And created unwanted tensions


Your silence is heartbreaking as

It shows your patience and poise

Our bodies are hungry to touch

Each other our eyes thirsty to see!

Animal Kingdom!


The times have changed

We don’t write beautiful

Stories and poems now

As we did in last centuries


The millennium started with

SARS and the so called war

On terrorism in Afghanistan

Every thing is computerized


The machinations of people,

Robotics, artificial intelligence

Fake organs, multiple sites,

Dimensions in virtual world


Followers, fans and friends

Online ratings’ more important

Than family members’ time

Timeline events more noticeable


Conjugal systems are changed

Drastically by online dating sites

Easy access to love markets

Multiple mates are the new trends


One person multiple identities

Fake profiles unable to detect

The reality based on real-time!

Cyber wars are contact lenses


Now we can choose to change

The reality at the whim of mond

X-ray visuals and videos at will

Can reproduce our cloned parts


Custom made mates for use

As per our wishes and desires

Customer service cares for you

That too is very much online!


We have forgotten nature

Baby poop and cow dung

Rana tigrina, algae, fungi

Fresh air fragrance of roses





A gulf is in between us

Here I am, there you’re


My pain is visible from your eyes

O My friend, O my cherisher!


A controversial song is written on your

Cheeks. Look at your face in the mirror


Half opened eyelashes are a fun to listen

To, for their instrumental musical theatre


Fire and dew on the beautiful curve of her

Lips. I swear by the lamps burning on her


Forehead. Each one of it is a commentator

Waiting to be explained by wish of loyalty!


In this city of misery, grief is the cause of love

And in every wish, a hope to die for her!


Mountains shake with the truth of your

Words. This is the biggest of all truth dear


Your single lie makes me fall to the ground

From the heights of the throne of the God


O beauty! I am a mere martyr of your

Charming self, my words are the spoils


And collection of your songs and poems

How could you assume I would live in your


Absence  I am the soft fire of your tears,

Come! There is no fun in dying alone here!


Imagine for a second you were transposed

Into the karmic driven world of folk of air!




When I was Olympias

You became Alexander

And followed me. We

Started Olympic games


In the amphitheater of

Coliseum in Greece


And when I was Tehmina

You were Great Rustom

Until you killed our own

Son Sohrab unknowingly


When I was Circe in aeaa

You met me as Odysseus

Tried to kill your son, not

Knowing him, but got killed

By Telemachus’ spearhead


Every time you came in

Front of me, you left me

Every time I meet you,

I got scattered and died!


The whole world is a pub

It is another matter the priest

Does not recognize the tumbler,

But he  likely drinks the alcohol!


The mobile is off now

But I can see my face


On it’s shiny dark screen

Like a sheen of a mirror


Reflections of sunlight

And things around it


I had plans in life once

I waited whole life for


Him for all of my youth

Golden years of love


And fresh air, sunshine

I spent in my book cave


Online virtual world was

My kingdom and his too


We fought like cats and

Dogs, for our egos and


To prove our view points

To square and score points


The same scene recurred

On the first and last days


He was head bent and knee

Down to me, to propose me


Every time the same thing

Happened! I rejected him!


Who Are You!


He asked me: “Who are you?”

And I remembered a night

When he had kissed me

Without knowing anything

About me! When I had asked

Him, who he was, he had

Informed me: “Just a lover!”


He sweared he could not live

Without me and he had loved


Me too much. Now when he

Forgot everything, every kiss,

Every second that had passed

In his company, in his arms,


I am not surprised, because

That’s what I have been telling

Him that he would forgot me

But he was refusing it. Now


The truth is here, only I am

Unable to forget him!

I know now

 “Who he was!”

All About Poetry!


You sure like garlic

He flirted with Pisces


Rainbow cheese got

Spread on her herbs


He was a merchant

Of food and spices


And of fast moving

Consumer goods


She wasn’t a herbalist,

Nutritionist, a poetess


Both were poets and

Writers and friends


Wait after long days

Gathered at nights


To explore each other

On internet sites


Feelings enhanced by

Verses like tumblers


Every single word was

Romance in the rules


Neptune conjuncts with

Beauty queen Venus!


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