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Immanis Incedit


I fear the monster

that came under my bed

suddenly broke in

and made me look

what a girl should not.


I was seven years old

when I met disgust and pain

of having a rare imprint

lump in throat, quiet mouth.


For years I forgot

the gloomy event

or maybe it was my unconscious

that blocked such an incident.


Even now __ adult,

I fear the monster that is under my bed

it peeks out in my dreams

unhinged nightmares

that threaten to annihilate my soul


Loqui Cum Luna


View from this point

my soul enjoys ecstatic

leaves on the face

brush with love

cleaning and absorbing pain.


The smile sprouts without arguments

gets carried away by the scent of fresh flowers

flowers that cover my hair

hair that dances with the wind

in simple__ gratitude.


The moon looks at me and laughs with me

she knows my stories, my secrets

direct witness of my naked soul

that keeps in silence

my pleas on earth.


Today we are one, she with a pale beauty

immerses me in its pristine structure

with the hope that he has a new life

full of colors, flowers, laughter, love,

and dress me in his mantle every day ... every so often ... 


Mulieres In Albis


Mute is the screams

of misshapen letters

trying to get out

of forgotten caves

old chapels


on our sacred stones.


Screams that mingle




of childish rains

and raging storms

of contained electricity

twinkling rays

of majestic thunder.


The message arrives

the apprentice gets up

the shofar resounds

and the coven emerges

with white robes

aromatic herbs

and the wise words

of our grandmothers ... as weapons.


Lists ... with an iron heart

tulle armor

but strong as titanium

Flame our pennant

made of skin, dew, hair,

collected on the way

of each of our processes.


Processes that remind us today

that was so necessary

go through open fire

so that the wings are born

grow and expand

holding ideals

that today flow like springs.



RAMINA HERRERA ARTEAGA: (Born in Luya, Amazonas, Peru, 1979), is a Business Administrator by profession, graduated from the National University of Trujillo (UNT), Entrepreneur, the more she feels Poet by vocation. She obtained an honorable mention in the Floral Tales of the UNT 2002 with the story "WHEN THE JARMINES BLOSSOM". Her poetry book "MEMORIES OF THE UNBORN” was published on line by the magazine "VOICES" of Spain. In 2006 she was included in the anthology " PATHS OF POETRY" (Editorial Fund of the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca).         In 2007 she published the poetry book “NIGHT LONELINESS AND OTHER POEMS” (Katequil Editores), recently published in AMAZON the poetry books: “LEI NAD 42:21”, “MOON WOMAN”, " NIGHT LONELINESS AND OTHER POEMS” second edition (digital); culminating the layout of the poetry books, " CONFESSIONS TO THE DAWN", “RIDING WITH THE WIND” all the books will be under the editorial seal of EDICIONES KUELAP Lima – Peru, and poetry books "MOUNTAIN WOMAN" AND "ROSIS AC TRIBULIS", novel "THE AGONY OF A DREAM under the editorial seal AYAME EDITORIAL Mexico. She participates in “GLOBAL POET AND POETRY GROUP” and THE MOMENT INTERNATIONAL NEWS is an active member of the board of directors and editorial board. She has received many prestigious awards and recognitions for her poetic and narrative writings. The acclaimed and well-known Peruvian poet, William Guillén Padilla writes about her poetry: "We are proud of her maturity and perseverance, eloquent and fluent command of language, for the themes treated and for her manifest lucidity. Ramina Herrera Arteaga, emerges with singular writing, to be registered, by her own merit, in the book of notable Peruvian poetry" With his production company LEI NAD FILMS and in co-production with JM UDILMABRI FILMS he recorded his first short film “Y EL CAFÉ NO SE ACABA”, based on his poem of the same name, a short film that was presented in several Latin American and European countries.

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