Tuesday, February 1, 2022





The Miracle Is There


Were   there days  before  the strife  and pain

Before the hatred,  the wars and viruses.

Were there days with clear sky of life

Before  the sorrow  and the tears rain...


Were there  days of  peace and harmony ..

For sailing on waves of love, held by divine hands

Were there  days  ,in flowery lands

For souls, like free butterflies  to fly no end...


Where have they gone, the expanding  hearts

Filling the world  with

Loving heat..

Hugging with all the warmth they feel

No masks...no hidden  heart beats..


What remains ..?

Had the world changes.

Or we did

Where are we going  poets in "me & you"


I used to  fill my world with  a poem of love

On your shastri inhaled the breeze of heaven

In your arms, dazzled by light from above

Rose's bloomed in my passion  garden


Let's  be showered  with golden words

No masks. No lockdown  can hide the way

The miracle  is there. To activate the world

And open  masked hearts to brighter days

(C ) all rights  reserved



Another Month...


Another  month…another  October

Behind my glass window, watching  the crowd

Realizing how fast the days Are  running..

Swollen  by the time's clouds..


Wind singing  between the dreams

Uniting all, in one soft weeping  moan

The world, listening  to that symphony

Getting prepared  to wintery stormy tones..


What happened  to  our past walks..

Hugging , to resist the chill of November..

 Come  walk with me…let's talk

Our hearts will  resurrect  the magnet,

Pulling us together...

(C ) all rights reserved



Forests Of My Soul...


Fascinated  by the charm of forests

Their lessons…I always  get

The shades  that lead to light

And ,the subitaneous darkness  we met...


Fascinated  by the holy vastness

The  chirping birds, hidden in trees

Wandering  with my loneliness

Leaden  with that feeling, of solely  free...


There are moments running out of time..

The stillness, becomes  an eternity

The world, far , scrolls silently...

No raising sun...no rain...no clime...


Did you do all that to me

Getting  between joy and sorrow

Freedom...with loneliness  is meaningless ...

No wings to fly...no   expectations  for tomorrow...




HANA SHISHINY: Lebanese Egyptian by marriage living currently in Cairo. Bilingual poet, writer and translator. Having my poems in many international anthologies. My poems have been translated to many different languages preparing my second poetry book to publish...Writing on love, peace and humanity. Having the honor of being nominated twice ambassador of peace for both Lebanon and Egypt. Interior designer and painter..


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