Tuesday, February 1, 2022







Beast of the stars, beastly stars bursting through broken door horror, 

Fractured, frightening, altars maddeningly moans bellicose blares.

Bronze breastplate chest beating strident in battle cries,

The moon ascends glowering, the moon goes out sanguine.


Summoning’s in arched shade, eyebrows in flames, 

Esoteric enmities, caustic rhythms chaos sparks in the darks 

Come forth fright of flight!

Come forth horror of Hades!

Come forth diadem dread of dreams!


Tail stiff cedar and terrible sinewed, bronzed bones, 

Chaos creature primeval primordial first begotten by divine.

Leviathan paired in rips, tears and snares, mass massacres,

Lotus and marshes, willows and Jordon rushes, 

You cannot hold back the seas in me.

You cannot take me by the eyes. 

The bells ring threateningly impassable path collapse 

I exist on thick stratus clouds obsidian laps,

Laughing mania maniacal teeth

At pitchforks and torches, flames and horses, mobs malicious.

I will offer you no retreats.


My existence radials from metaphors cores 

Signs of times unsublime; trumpets and seals,

Exsanguination moon and ashing sun tides, 

At my manifestation surfacing riling rise!

Ophelia to dust, Caesar to rust, 

The coffin cacophony closes.

Hamlet in passionate unimaginable of madness,

Laertes despondencies long laments, 

Behemoth watches with baited breathe, 

The worm feast of wriggles and prances is sent.


Demon in feline susurrous’s in stygian, 

In templed tramped ruins, arsonist fevered unfathomable, 

With wine in paw and maw mouthed wide,

Comedy monstrosity in sardonic simpers smile.


Calottes in cubes irregular, velvet and somnolent,

Cathedrals illustrate, dancing fangs penetrant 

Hinderances to gnawed ruminations self,

Assembling ascetic earths cults.


You will find me where I am remote.

You will find me where I am cunning and silent.

You will seek me where I am circumspect.

Let me consider a while,

In fracturing mirror;

The silence ripples out in wasp honey articulate,

Sickly sweets decaying desiccates.

Spider with nihility features fragmenting, I know your visage,

Glazed gaunt gossamer gauzed webs peerless, 

Legs flitting nauseous in whims maligned,

Spider wriggling abhorrently and faceless.


Under walls of Cimmerian chambers,

Where eclipses blink salvific imagery

I will exist, mergences with wordness.

I exist foolish and reckless without time for restlessness,

I bequeath stones weary wildness, 

Beasts begotten in the dimness.


The alchemy magical of Arcadia is permeating,

Pulsing, parading, in the fast and wilds,

South of my ears, east of my scars, north of tides, 

Nuclear flashes shone ritualism, over hollow chested empiricism.

Between the walls warbling portals,

Behind closed doors demented Dionysian, 

Filled with feverished waits, wiled impatient. 

Like the sand granular sensuous,

Hands outstretched, soft before blasphemous blades,

Shrunken conscious under arches of served Hades…


I am lurking unholy gothics,

Under invocations ancient, 

I am plague flesh fevered, 

Howled slowly in spreading bleeding blacks.

I am reviled hearts in atavisms,

Abhorrence in hidden self harm hinderances.


Hidden in underneath’s, a human heart screams for ascent,

A new creation, a new monster, a new confluence.

Judge me, O Efreeti, according to me…

Dying off into a terrified…wisping…whimpering…whisper.





Light over light,

Dark over dark,

Steed galloping forsaken lonesome highways.

Loud as thunderous loss - to bitter ends, to

dust, in a lifetime, before waking.


Buried alive, taxidermy beasts go flying –


Final reapers arrow nocked, taut drawn and

tense - unleashing!


Artlessly affluently, elegantly bouquets


The begonia adorning my flowerpot dying,

In this philodendron skin.


In absentia I meant to paint the walls with

brain matter,

After my bloodshot eyes read the final

murderous thought,

Fibered glass textile like the shell of fancy

colored synapses, under the forehead,

Imhotep’s wisdom, Lovecraft’s magic,

The inscribed bones, a cockatrice,

This piece of furious serpent tale.

No glare, no piercing visage,

No key to perceive me in lobotomy.


Pellucid crystalline aerosphere,

The sacral dragon of vanta shade,

Across razored skies,

Obsidian wings thrumming doom fly!


Hamlet simulating in perfect movie rhythms,

Dante's substantiating time ticks in swells,

Juxtaposed in feverish schizophrenia



Before the throbbing of sturdy matter,

Super nova's howl echoed hearts,

From the first and final mire – damned.


When I'm dead.

When I'm dead,

I will find you.

And speak the language of lur-horn thunder,

A cold blooded foot in combustible sandals –


Beware the cascade, escalate electricity,

Performing at violence in the villa.


Alveolae of the afternoon reduced to straight

jacket tactics,

Marching, stomping, acrobatic rabble


Celebrating mental health in madness,


Throwing the meek from palatial spaceship



Here; the sobriquet means substantial will.

The banal grift gifts for the Boeotian and


Humanity splays massive and witless.


Light over light,

Dark over dark,

A Pooka in chains galloping forsaken

lonesome highways,

Loud as thunderous loss – to bitter ends, to

dust, in a lifetime.

The hiatus between vomiting inferno and the

retch pyre of regurgitation resound.





Down beneath a mud murkiness tender,

Missing in onyx oleaginous waters, 

In vanta void ball abolitions.

And every person deceased,

Docile, lamblike, disillusioned, despondent.

Peremptory imperious faced,

But endless now…

In my wake, the abyssal gape.

Stumbling chairs, mirror maws,

Dirty laundry, curdling milk,

Four walled fever sweats,

All around the emptiness is exhausted from hungry.


The room traverses, 

The furniture languid fluxes in entropies rot,

The floorboards long and wet warble sickly.

Everything moves in the room:

Sludge slithers and masks motion,

Tripping and torsions, stumbling forwards,

Heaving sighs franchise freeing.


Innocent lunatics from the store,

Then they bore…humiliation.

The bleeding blot in tumoured brains,

Thrumming veins,

Pupils as wide a molten medal.

With amorous avarice glance fervently,

Narcissus drew the shores deservedly, 

The burning lake bares down relentlessly, 

Eternal remorseful of self pity.


Sisyphus, earned that stone,

Emerged a hundred years ago,

Dead, they penetrated deep towards the core.

Loophole to existential exploit,

Exposition of dichotomous discourse. 

Returns in cyclical Sisyphean elope, 

Tartarian villainy extinguishes all hope.


Detonating varmints vehemence from subtext,

Entropy erupted, finished and enervated, 

All gravity discarded,

All packages disregarded.


Phoenix egged burnt lucency of Zion,

Hovering sounds moaned intoned as each dead fell,

Failings fall, shiver and dead rise faltering,

Dilly-dallying zephyr riles,

The gale gusts in undulations maddeningly.


Of those who’ve died, exhausted beyond insightful;

In blood crawled belaboured flame,

The throes of dying around the infinity of the crucified.


IR – Nail, skull-shaped hill sanguinary adytum infinities,

Staples screws hairpins for twisted banditry,

Judas dips faithless betrayal at Church tables,

Fish sauce fouled by the damnable falsity.


Fire steel breathes listens reverberation,

Onion layered stars laugh at us in the halogens’,

In the boulevards of burnt women, Neptune erupts.


Dorian Gray recording Faustian in frame, 

Hedonistic beauty with no refrain,

The stain of life cannot be contained,

The portrait portrays portents of every sin.


I arise from tenebrous dead depths, 

Candle flickers loping limping legion of devils,


(The diablocojuelo).

Outcry groans moans, in the half-light;

“Lazarus, come forth.”


The wake in terrible miserable ache,

Heaven is snatched away,

Exclamations of “Why Lord!” echo in the horror,

Olivia Plath enters heated caves and Virginia Wolfe gathers stones.


Effort to effected cause willed power,

Effect to instructed methodized procedure,

Frankensteined to abhorrent complete,

And finally, a stake to vampiric heart.


Deadly health loans and lonesome lighthouses, 

Forced union voluntary spacing,

And calling wiling witnesses. 

The Renaissance is spent,

Lady Lazarus laments.


Faded Jerusalem is ruins,

Desert caravans careen to dust,

Siberian singers slough to slowing in brumal,

The Kentucky fiddling twangs into splinters,

The revelation of reasons loss.


Illusions project, abject objectification bisect, 

Logic languishes in the defects. 

Blessed be you, sublimely unreasonable,

Among the reasonably riled retinue.

Resurrection on hellish loop, no replete, 

Rapidly cycles repeats, no retreats.

The misery of waking wakes and new sickly dawns,

Stretching out past far beyonds.

Zombie Lazarus we, maintaining decency in decayin

And pushing stones, lime slimed hair and souls in nose, abominations rose

Narcissus drowned long ago…in the beloved lake arms enfolds.




LEILA SAMARRAI was born on October 19th, 1976 in Kragujevac, Serbia. She writes poetry, short stories, and plays, her work largely containing the motives of fantasy and humour. Her debut collection of poetry „The Darkness Will Understand“ won the First Prize of the competition organized by the Student cultural centre of Kragujevac in 2002. She has had her work published in numerous local magazines, both in print and electronic form. Some of her notable works include the collection of short stories „The Adventures of Boris K.“ by Everest Media and (as co-author and critic) „Poetry Against Terror: A Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism Kindle Edition“. Her works were published in Serbian, Hungarian and English. She has won numerous awards for her written works, including the third place as a representative of Serbia for the aphorism „Stars and Us“ of the „Beleg“ competition and three separate awards in the „3-5-7 – A Story in a Moment“ story competition, as part of the „Helly Cherry“ competition, both in 2011. She currently lives in Belgrade with her five cats.

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