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Love Is Always Like That

 It’s Never Perfect


Though everything was drained,

In order to sustain, the germinating womb,

Sky already poured whatever was in its hold,

To drench the dryness of earth’s sulking heart

Still something remained after that


Last tear drops were hanging on the tips of the leaves,

As the sign of freshly wept face,

As if like tear clinging eye lashes,

Still sky was looking down being helpless,

Doesn’t matter how much it is absorbed in love, from above,

It’s hugs can’t reach down to solace,

Still something remained more or less,


As much it may claim

You are mine, you are mine,

All my stars are to amuse your vibe,

I’m holding the sun and moon, just for you they shine,

To delight you all through the time,

My dear earth,

Your immense eternal fecundity,

Your that uniqueness and identity,

I feel for your evergreen beauty and serenity,

I’m really helpless, the way we are placed opposite,


But I would be showering for you, through and through,

At least let my tears touch you,

Let them fill you with lakes and oceans,

My dear darling let them be blessed,

I know still something remained more or less,


Sulking earth, met her wet eyes,

All this while, it was listening to the loving sonnet from the skies,

Finally it said, take it back,

Every-time I evaporate,

Let our emotions meet

In your rains and in my clouds

Let them exchange the vows,

Still let something always remain more or less,

Let it be like that, your lingering attachments,

Dear love is always like that,

It’s never completely perfect.

Copyright @Dr. Gita Mohanty



We Agreed To Disagree

Or Disagreed To Agree ???


We heard each other

Agreed or disagreed, doesn’t matter,

Because the moment created was not just a perishable picture,

At least silence was there,

In between us, as a responsible reliable interpreter,

We both trusted the silent sentiments of silence which held both of us closer,

May not be together but definitely with each other


You said whatever you wanted to

And I said what I didn’t wish to,

As the conversation was not across the table,

Neither ever we sat beside,

Nor we met eye to eye,

Still nothing was unusual, as the earthly roads don’t run through the sky,


Reluctantly may be, but I agree

That you were right but from your angle

And I wasn’t wrong either, in any angle,

Though Math was not that critical,

But you forgot the rules


I couldn’t agree

And you didn’t agree to my disagreement

Your ‘disagree’ wasn’t agreeable, I agree

I agreed to disagree

And you disagreed to my ‘agree to disagree’

Let the silence decide

Finally we agreed or disagreed

We agreed to disagree

Or we disagreed to agree???

Copyright@Dr. Gita Mohanty



You Are Beautiful Inside And Out


Girl you are beautiful with your whatever, color, texture, look, style, wear, figure and nature, doesn’t matter,


Girl you are beautiful with your whatever, nationality, ethnicity, creed, religion and race, you are a blessed beauty and you are graced,


Girl you are beautiful with your whatever vital statistics, obese or emaciated, irrespective of age and marital status, you are fantastically fantabulous,


Being a girl, you are blessed with enormous potential, you are elegant, intelligent, eloquent, fluent, potent, strong and thoughtful, girl by default you are beautiful,


Home to office, business to science, bureaucracy to defense-line, rocket science to poetry, art to architect physiology to philosophy, and babies to men, easily you can handle all of them,


Your heart is beautiful, your mind is powerful

Your intellect is sharp and you are soulful,

Girl in and out you are beautiful.

Copyright@Dr. Gita Mohanty




GITA MOHANTY is an adjunct Biology Professor in USA, Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB), India, and post-doctorate from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, in Environmental Science and Engineering. Dr Gita has written more than 800 poems so far and many are published in various online poetry forums/platforms, literary web magazines, e-journals and several anthologies. She also likes painting, reading, philosophy and nature. She is motivated in serving the unprivileged.


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