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Always Dance Penelope

 For Odysseus!




Odysseus has suddenly returned

And the pink sun shines

The buds are blooming again.

Late autumn is springing

As if it were spring!

We sow love in our hearts

Do we let faith perish?

It's autumn in my heart, my love...


Be fruitful, sip life!

Loves in drops are breaking

Hope beats in my heart.

Though clouds are gathering for us,


Through love alive at once

Through rains and snows we’ll fly

Love's a clean plasma

Kama won't steal it from us!




If you were to disappear

One night in the sky distance

Your muse, you my muse,

I'd fly mad  crazy across the sea


From a dream in the Kiss

And a star powder

Let me twist you from the beginning

With the power of my mind.


I conceive your longing heart

To resurrect thee, I pass the hop!

Sick with longing I die easy

Dance for me again, Penelope!


If you disappeared

From my laughter and my tears,

I would find you in my self,

You would emerge from myself!


From plasma buds you are reborn

And I put gravity I clothe on you

Nurlie Seductive in vast spaces-times

With me if I like you you like me...


If I flew to another frost sky

In the instant of the great defeat,

I would come to you in heaven

To mold you from the angels.


If you disappeared,

Would death be our very life,

Your muse, you my muse,

We will fly to the mist distances.




Prisoner of a hidden thought,

In an old ivory tower palace,

Where the cold thought is impenetrable,

I gather my ghosts that fly wildly.


I fly in search of alchemy

Bind our light to the mission,

Of the Siren's Song of magic,

And existence by passion!


And if the gentle moon whispers to me,

Spirit, a thousand stars will twinkle for me,

Her ray warms my faith.

The thought mystery will they dispel,




If you were a quasar you would swallow my immortality,

galaxies, ocean waves, the dream in my gaze.

If you were a pulsar you'd bridge your way through me again,

I'd stand in the shadow of your world, I'd rise through you.


If I were the Morning Star, I'd wrap your crying eyes,

rocky dances, my muse, in evil eye songs of deochi.

If I were your Moon, I'd sneak into your laughter,

in the rainbow dance, the song of the morning itself


If we were Suns we would wander through shattered dreams,

from my spirit out of the mist, out of the waters-stone and dry.

If we were angels we'd fly under closed eyelids,

We reborn Pheonix, living muses, we'll haunt us through dreams.




Life is precious here on Earth, O, Morning Star,

Gentle Moon, muse, you drip me love on my word,

Drop by drop in the crater of the living spirit and will soul

Leave not thy story, be fruitfull alive thy form in the thought!


From this phosphorescent skeleton through eternal love,

Floating from star to star to Creation's living Truth

You fly alive through the pre-light shining darkness,

Not knowing if you will not fall from the nothingness flight


By the next instant, you're here again, Morning Star!

Doomed to the cruel mortal form: the Space-Earth!

Thy thought, painted from words arrowed through ages

Like light in a spiral of resonances throughout Olympus




Live Penelope the moment,

Complain not that it is short,

Penelope, open the wing!

Dance, Life is not a fight!

You must wish gracely

To gather treasures in your Soul

While you live, you have no idea...

Don't gather only in your mind!


And there will come a day

And you'll repent bitterly

You won't need memories

If you had lived in vain


To go back in time is not given

If you can't do anything

Be of a clean Soul

Big, even if it seems small,


Of the soul the holy spirit, chi.

When offering it, you waste it not

You sip when giving joys.

Let it be as in every moment,


Give to him who has not

We expire only good deeds,

Be with Love, forgiveness.

You'll have something to take with you.


Penelope with Odysseus (dancing and singing)


If we sang hard, you would make me a matrix again for you,

I would stand in the shadow of your world, I would resurrect destinies.

If we danced through gestures, I would heal your weeping eyes

Rocky stories, my muse, in songs to bury.



ROMANESCU SALOMEEA holds a PhD in the History of International Relations and European Integration - European Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries and Postgraduate European Studies - Center International pour la Formation Europeenne - International Center for European Training (CIFE), Nice, France and Department of Political Science and European Affairs, University of Cologne, Germany. He has a European Master in Human Rights and Democratization - Human Rights and the Democratization Process. University of Padua. He is interested in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding for Representatives of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, UNITER Geneva, - UN, Landegg Academy, Switzerland, Studied 24 foreign languages including Sanskrit and Hindi - through studies at the National Institute of Languages and Oriental Civilizations, France,University of Bucharest.She is interested in creating a new integrative theory of knowledge that brings together the natural, social, applied sciences, worldview and ethics that will lead to the creation of an international system that will create peace through literary work dedicated to the theory of everything but also through thesis of Postgraduate Academic Studies in International Relations and European Integration, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest and studies of spirituality and quantum medicine, in the training of the leaders of the world spiritual-informational elite, cosmomanism, cosmology, history of religions. His theory is applied in his poetic work but also in his profession of Business Advisor, Coordinator Training Cycle and training of trainers in the field of management of structural instruments and European affairs, Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of European Integration. He was a School inspector, Ministry of National Education.She has published Poems for children - Poems for children, philosophical poetry in numerous Anthologies with philosophical poetry awarded first place nationally and internationally. The poem of the healing of humanity encrypts the Theory of Everything capable of secreting a peaceful, integrated societal model of earthly soul happiness.


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