Tuesday, February 1, 2022





Poetic Resolutions


Poetry shall heal our wounds

Poetry shall knit itself in our psyche

And produce

A lyrical shield

Which shall protect us all

From the pricks of negative vibes!


No more shall we grieve

For we shall understand

That during our journey on this temporary Earth

Nothing that happened was meant to stay

Even if such was meant to be!


No more shall we hurt

For the good that inhabits us

Shall overpower any desire to harm

And we shall thus

Laugh and sing

As long as dawns would rise!


Poetry shall be my resolutions

Meant to last a whole lifetime

It shall be my ruling King

And shall have me abiding

To its warmth

As would a loyal submissive servant!



Ah, may it sing to me those songs of love

Those same

Enouncing of how I am to live,

Carefree and beyond my self-imposed limits!



No More


No more shall I write of love

No more shall I make of it

A memory,

Painful and blood shedding!

No more shall I even pronounce

Its syllables


It does be not

The way I want it to be!


No more shall I weave sceneries

In the solitude of my own imagination

A haven allowing me

To be a mighty queen

Ruling over my own world

With a smile pasted on my face!


No more shall I shed tears

For that which did not happen


I shall blow their memories away

As if they were dandelions

Meant to be passing by while

I sit and relax at the wondrous show

That they make



No more

No more shall I yearn

For what is not meant to be mine


No more shall I make of my own life

A misery worthy of being

Depicted in horror movies!


No more,

No more indeed,

For dawns have been rising

Ever since creation first set itself into motion

Even if the nights

Have been dark, cold and lonely!





Once upon a time,

I started to play with a rhyme

It bid me to want to stand on high mountains

And empty the heavy burden

That I carry, always,

On my back!


Since that day,

I realized that I am naught but a bird

Free, light and beautiful

With sparkling feathers

And an intense drive

Pushing me to go to great lengths

To live the way I want to!


But then,

One day, dark clouds blew my way

While I was flying over the fierce oceans

That rage down below the high mountains

And had me crashing into the oceans

With such force that

I could no longer think rationally!


When I opened my eyes,

I found myself someplace

I would never have imagined existed

Surrounded by beings

I had never seen before


The kindness that they showed me

Bid me to accept the magical transformation

That they suggested was what I needed

To be alive!


Since then,

I lived,

As would these beings do

And lost in this new glory

I scarcely found time, available to me,

To peep out of the ocean floors,

To see those mountains

Which once,

Emancipated my free will!



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