Tuesday, February 1, 2022





The Hourglass


The grains of time are stuck in the hourglass's throat

Time is still flowing, but how do you measure it now?

When the asthmatic's breathing is shallow and heart-aching


The summer decorates the garden with flowers and working bees

And in the chest, the butterfly dies slowly while still

The eyes enjoy the glare of the sun in the blue sky.


Prayer from the lips, and the words of the last verse

are traveling on the wind to a foreign land.

But will anyone understand them without knowing the pain?


Mute hourglass with a choked throat

The only witness to the last breath of life.

© Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak



And When That Last Day Comes


My Guardian Angel,

you have been walking through life with me

for so many years now,

giving me a hand when I fall down helpless,

you protect me when I do not see evil myself,

and now there is so much evil in the world, so much

it multiplies, spreads, bleeds, and triumphs so fast.


Gods whom people have raised to the high pedestals,

they probably laugh loudly at humans' stupidity.

They are supposed to make only good

and teach love for one's neighbor,

it was the man who made them an instrument of war.


With the name of God on their lips, these "rational" beings

they conquered new lands, murdered, robbed, and raped.

Human history is written in blood and pain.

How many more cards we will be able to feel in it

before the last animal dies,

before we, people, will cut down the last tree,

before the fat belly oligarch throws in

to their unnecessary fortune the last bloody dollar?

before ...

© Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak



A Tiny Part Of Me Will Stay


I have trampled the hundredth pair of shoes

And have outgrown from another coat.

Albeit, there are still so many roads ahead of me,

And new people at bus stops to meet.


My star, high up, in the night sky

Winks at me significant from the above.

A new rainbow will rise for me after the rain.

The sun will smile through the clouds again.


There are still so many peaks to climb

I move forward with more heavy legs each day.

I do not want to regret even a tiny moment,

Another date fell down from the calendar.


I try do not to sleep through life, do not waste it,

Still hope to see those, I'm waiting for so long,

Forgive those, who have failed me many times,

Then, say goodbye to everyone I love and go away.


I will leave a part of myself in my poems,

And will slowly walk through a rainbow bridge

To the Father's house up in the heavenly sky,

And will merge with all those, who wait for me.

© Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak




BOZENA HELENA MAZUR-NOWAK is a Pole since 2004 lived in the UK. She has published a few volumes of poetry: four in Polish and four in English, one in the Telugu Language. Ready for publication poetry books in Hindi, Greek and Arabic Languages. She also writes prose and released two novels and a few short story collections. Her work may be found in more than 100 worldwide anthologies and magazines. Winner of many poetry competitions. Proud holder of many diplomas, awards, and distinctions including Doctor Honoris Causa for a Woman of Peace from International Forum of Creativity and Humanity established in the kingdom of Morocco and A thousand minds for Mexico Association. She is also a translator to fellow poets, translating from and into English. Her poetry was translated into more than 20 languages.


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