Tuesday, February 1, 2022





Each Step Is A Blessing


Heaven is only a smile away

within my heart this I can see

Its gates of pearls and streets of gold

brings to us peace eternally


Heaven's door is only steps away

the throne of God is just ahead

all of earthly troubles lay behind

whilst God's love is so widespread


Each step is a blessing

tho we often fail to see it;

cherish each passing day

t'is many rewards

I guarantee it


Endless Skies


Lying here looking up

Floating clouds

Singing birds

Dancing skies.


Lying here dreaming too

Laughing kids

Howling wolves

Running 'round.


Lying 'neath the oak tree

Swinging tire

Rustling leaves

Picnic ants.


Lying here looking up

I wanted

To be

There too.


Endless skies

Dreams gone

Sky's empty.


Little Angels


Not everyone sees the little angels playing in the square

They're the ones in pink with little ribbons in their hair,

Some are really tiny with tiny wings that really can fly

But I can see them every one~ one soars towards the sky!


Not everyone sees the little angels playing by the terrains

They're the ones dressed in blue playing with little planes,

Some are heavyset with chubby cheeks and a football too

While others are a tad bit taller and plays with worms in a shoe!


Little Angels comes in all sizes and shapes and colors galore

I've never thought to see one, and I'd still love to see some more!

And something every one of them has in common ~you can see for miles!

Look! Look closer! All the little angels are full of beautiful smiles




DEBBIE EMBREY has been writing poetry for several years. The gift of writing has been passed to one of her grandchildren, Kaitlyn Moore. The love of poetry, however, goes beyond that. Several family members enjoy reading poetry as well as reading other books. Friendships, Family, and the Bible  ..... they are most precious in her life.

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